Second-Hand Van

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Go behind the scenes of Vancouver’s second-hand economy with the amazing range of characters who make the scene tick.

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Kijiji Portraits

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The Kijiji Community

Special things happen when Canadians buy and sell locally. Here we celebrate the people behind the stories that make Kijiji Canada’s most trusted online marketplace.

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Second-Hand Economy

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Second-Hand Economy

The second-hand economy is growing… Because of you. Whether you buy, sell, donate or swap, we’re all a part of the second-hand economy.

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Ride in Style

Check out what Toronto chef, VICE star and motorcycle lover Matty Matheson recommends when it comes to biker gear. Just to show you how easy…


Prom Outfit Essentials

You want to look and feel great, but where do you start? Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide to dressing your best for…

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