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Date de l'affichage 03-nov.-16
300,00 $
Adresse Pincourt, QC J7V4J6
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Autre Info Articles d'arts antiques

A rare opportunity to acquire the full set of 12 spectacular collectors plates - the complete "Russian Legends" limited edition series by Palekh / Bradford Exchange.

The 1988-90 RUSSIAN LEGENDS series of limited edition decorative plates was the first collectors plate series ever produced in Russia. The twelve-plate series depicts famous Russian legends and fairytales. They are patterned after the designs and style found on Russian lacquer boxes from the village of Palekh.

The plates were produced with 16-17 layers of ceramic pigments and in 18kt gold on hard fired porcelain. The firing period was limited to 195 days at the historic Vinogradoff Porcelain factory. Distributed for Tianex by the Bradford Exchange, each plate was assigned an individual Bradex number. The plates are 7 1/2" (19cm) in diameter. The reverse side is written in Russian describing the title, story and serial number.

6 of the plates offered here still have their original certificates of authenticity by Bradex (the other 6 certificates were lost). All plates are in excellent (as new) condition without any defects.

The plates, in order of release, are:

1. Ruslan and Ludmilla - Bradex 60-V25-1.1 Design by Roman Leonidovich Belousov
2. The Princess and the 7 Bogartyrs - Bradex 60-V25-1.2 Design by Aleksandr Ivanovich Kovalev
3. The Golden Cockerel - Bradex 60-V25-1.3 Design by Vladimir Vleshko
4. Lukomorya - Bradex 60-V25-1.4 Design by Roman Leonidovich Belousov
5. The Fisherman and the Magic Fish - Bradex 60-V25-1.5 Design by Nikolai Pavlovich Lopatin
6. Tsar Sultan - Bradex 60V25-1.6 Design by Galina Alekseevna Zhirakova
7. The Priest and his Servant Balda - Bradex 60-V25-1.7 Design by Oleg Vladimirovich
8. The Stone Flower - Bradex 60-V25-1.8 Design by Valeryi Vasililievich Bolshakov
9. Sadko - Bradex 60-V25-1.9 Design by Evgeny A Populov
10. The Twelve Month Brothers - Bradex 60-V25-1.10 Design by Nicolai Pavlovich Lopatin
11. Silver Hoof - Bradex 60-V25-1.11 Design by Sergei Y Adeyanov
12. Morozko - Bradex 60-V25-1.12 Design by Nina P Lopatina

The original subscription price was US$40 each (plus shipping and handling).

While not so uncommon individually, these plates are very hard to find as a complete set. The cheapest full set currently offered on eBay is listed at US$395 (+US$56 shipping) here:


There are 2 other full sets currently listed on eBay at US$550 and US$1,000 respectively.

Here you can purchase the full set for only CDN$ 300.

Pickup in Pincourt (42nd ave. off boul. Cardinal Leger) or possible on West Island (hwy 40 / Sunnybrook) during the day on weekdays (10-5).

Contact Roman: PM here or 514-758-9215 (call or text).

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