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Date de l'affichage 09-nov.-16
239,99 $
Adresse Québec City, QC G1R2L3
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Premium Quality with Samsung Battery.

Order online from our Toronto warehouse and Receive within 5 Business days guaranteed

Please use code 'kijijispcl" online to get $20 off on the hoverboards.

Ex - $259.99 - $20 = $239.99


Canada's #1 most trusted brand for online shopping and Hoverboards.

NEW Models starting from $259 - $20 = $239.99 coupon

* Even though our hoverboards almost never break down, we have real warranty where we actually replace or fix your hoveboard. Other Companies say the same but when your Hoverboard breaks they don't answer. We on the other hand have plenty of spare parts and replacements to Cover the Factory faults.

Everything you see in the photos is available. Visit our website. Don't be shy , we are the best Hoverboard Company in all of Canada specializing in only Hoverboards with 9000 followers on Facebook! We have the most Hoverboard Selection out of any other company online ! Our warranty is absolutely the best, bring your Hoverboard in or ship it to us anytime within 1 year and we'll replace it or fix it for free !

Use Special code "kijijispcl" online only for $20 off !!



2017 C1 Model ( and without bluetooth) - 6.5" with carrying bag, Samsung Battery and Bluetooth Speakers for $259

C3 with 10" Wheels ( also available without bluetooth) with carrying bag, Samsung Battery and Bluetooth Speakers for $450


2017 S2 Model- LED lights on bumper and wheels + bluetooth + remote + Carrying bag


Other than that here is some more information about our company :

Our scooters now come with airplane certification so that you can travel with your scooters by plane. We are the only company in Canada to offer this benefit. Purchasing from other companies and traveling with other hover boards can result in confiscation of your Hoverboard. If you are planning on taking our hover boards with you on board, please request a safety data sheet from us prior to your trip.

- Quality Hoverboards Starting from $269.99 With One Year In House Warranty from the store, 2 Year Factory Warranty

- Repairs ( For Hoverboards not purchased from us or out of warranty) Starting from $99 With One Year Inhouse Warranty from the Store

Don't Pay More for a pretty Box or by Buying from an "Official Retailer" all of these scooters are the same... They all come from one place. The most important thing that counts is Certification and the Battery. We also use Motherboards from the biggest Manufacturer in China. (We wont say the name out of fear of competitors copying). But the main key in distuinguising between a quality motherboard and a cheap one is its Colour. ( Green Motherboards are Good , they are authentic, RED and BLUE MOTHERBOARDS are NO NAME KNOCK OFFS.)

Our Models are UL Certified with Samsung Batteries. They also come with Bluetooth 4.0 HD Dual Channel 4 Watt Speakers and a Wireless Key Fob to control the Scooter.

Buy from us and save money. We wont lie to you about production and batteries and trademarks and all that B.S. We are Clearing out our Used Showroom Models. $299 for Brand New Models. Prices are plus tax and you get an actual reciept. No conspicuous meet ups. Warranty is provided by us, return and ship to our store at any time within the 12 months (1 year for battery) Warranty, We will fix your scooter or replace it.

Save up to %40. All Firefly Models now on sale.

All models come with Bluetooth speakers, Remote Control, Samsung Batteries and UL Certification.
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