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Date Listed 12-Nov-16
Address London, ON N5V3S3
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Want to learn from the ground up socialism for the age of trump? We are a multi talented organization looking to transition from the world of media and science into politics, we are running for 2019 prime minister ship, but more importantly we are looking for a full team of individuals to learn a branch of socialism called Juche and advance the cause of canadian ideological work. If you are an astute socialist you may then under the guidance of the party begin the work of Juche, we will pay accordingly.

Offered right now on demand from 1PM to midnight(eastern. Online.Skype @ Mandoza3 that should also lead you to my 5th of november thing? Let's hope not, but yeah!)

We have 4 branches of classes, from the beginnings of ideological works, to how the econemy works and terms you sould know for the capitalist, and how to use the framework of Juche ideologically in a capitalist world. To harder thoughts and ideas about philosophical adulation in the work of revolutionary Juche socialism. To level three that is intense ideological work and bureaucratic operations, and how science is the most important. To the final level, a half learning session and half working session, there is an individual who is from peru or another from china I think or any one of a million indians, who you will be partnered with to learn physics and you will be doing the half of this that is learning, and all the money(minus 15% to makethebeavergreatagain and 15%to us(me and the team who does the initial training free) and about the same to you, some to legal, some to HR, some to media, some to other things....) will be going to the instructor.(it's about 30$/hour for you if you are good, and notably 30/4 for me like 8$/hour the more of you there are!) It's like the avon of politics with the ambition to make the country not america and save our union.

Levels 1-3 have no requirements!

We also have all of the above levels of classed FOR FILM DIRECTORS, who would like to create the greatest cinema ever with our team!

Here is some great information you may want to look over, I LOVE PROPAGANDA!

Some excerpts from the book and research I have done:

First off our debt is held privately not federally, so, with all debt accounted for, we are more indebted per capita then the USA, that is a direct result of two factors: Geography, and inefficient capital allocation. Nothing good comes from this situation, and look how bad the USA is, they have had to elect a conservative dictator, and canada needs a radical socialist, this problem is as a result of .

The ability for companies to share technology has resulted in an ideal 5:1 or modest 3:1 return on your oil going to 1.5:1, let alone price, man I'm sorry for you people with the inability of 2 governments in a row to help your economy transition to science... The inability of patent share and competition is causing a 1.5:1 or less return on oil, which is about half as profitable as having the state do it, which as we know would end horribly without correct laws, however if we look at north korea for example:

North korea has scientific outposts in every city block equiped with a scientist and an artist well versed in all arts with the ability to play no less then 5 instrument PLUS THE ACCORDIAN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSedE5sU3uc and all citizens before 10 play that many.

Canada has no 1 year economic plan and the finance minister said "get used to short term employment" and the same finance minister is seeing profit from 20,000 or more organizations that all deal with homelessness, and also during the early 2000's the same liberal finance minister may have been working at the toronto zoo when money went missing. I wont say that though.

The tae-po-dong III will be able to hit the middle of the USA and we are going to choose either hillary clinton to continue the sanctions, or trump who will enable good relations with north korea, but the taepodong is able to hit the middle point of the USA and should have stealth technology by the end of next year, and no politician has any sense to repair relations, this is not kim jong ill we are dealing with... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSedE5sU3uc the north korean people are seeing double the scientific output of canada an allegedly impoverished nation,

Some statistics say the corruption of canada is equal to that of china, and china just has almost 1.75 million people put to death or dispossessed for corruption. Ahh corruption makes the world go round.

Athabasca University is going to be the number one institution for learning in canada, our policies will have integration of the internet, the CBC, and a number of science outposts, that will greatly diversify the economy towards science, and how the tar-sands agreement will make it so canada will not be destabilized for long enough for the americans to gain influence over our country, and the wall makes it so that the americans do not have to deal with instability in the southern americas, america is retrenching, they see their debt going up to 100 trillion (bretton woods, USA pays 5% of trade, covers defence, pays remitences all parties to ships in its netoworks, we bribed an alliance to fight the cold war, and it worked great, but it's going away weather or not trump gets elected, just how quickly will it go away, that and it's own integration and loss of jobs has caused its own market and lessened the ability to pay for everyone elses trade,) dollars very soon(within 4/8? years) with everyone trading, and with things getting more expensive so that number may be even greater, it's time, AND I'M GOING TO FIX IT, the system is broken, and needs major reform here, especially so that alberta stays a part of the union, I have bold new visions for a labour force in the ontario quebec core that will make it economically viable and PREVENT ALBERTANS FROM BARING SOME SAY
Some metadata analysis studies say that economic gains of the government from the using the resources causes an overall disposition OF OVER $35,000: The biggest reason for Alberta wanting to join america is a bad tax system where people are not paying the fair share, and the major
over burden of the middle class tax rate and the rich not being taxed more a problem in alberta where there is a middle class from food production, and the middle class in ontario gets money back for sitting behind a desk, also the disparity of other provinces both being forced to not commit reforms, the quebec uprisings of the 50's and 90's are big ones, and the corruption of ottawa, has made the union unstable.

Here is a bit of information about what we stand for.
for 900G of pasta that does not include the whole germ, the least
quality of grain that we can distribute, is 7.79 in Nunuvut and up to
1.00 more in other territories, the price for that same amount of food is
less then 0.70 in ontario and less then 0.30 in the unites states"
"these communities pay for
technology an average of 15.84/unit whereas in ontario it is 0.10/unit and
in the united states it is 0.06/unit,"
Massive infrastructure booms in the north, the food production chain goes from the northern states, to alberta, to texas, 40% of the fish is thrown away, then sent to the ontario-quebec-core, then sent to alberta, then back. We fine your people for fishing their own fish, and they can not afford it, while at the same time we do not provide policing services adequate to help the society, famine + no stability, means the northerners are not able to gather effectively and demand rights.
almost 14 inches of topsoil
have been lost since 1950 in places in the midwest plateu, it takes
three hundred years of intentional impact for one inch soil to return,
"Because it takes up to 300 years for 1 inch of agricultural topsoil to form, soil that is lost is essentially irreplaceable."
In canada it is happening faster and we are loosing bio-diversity, we are also reliant on export for food security despite us having all our own food, as capital does not allow us to get our own people the food.
or russian tuberculosis with a 1in18-1in20 rate and normal
tuberculosis in russia being about the same, 1in10-1in8 are suffering
with the desease, the rates of that specific desease in the last 2 years
have gone from under 2.5 in 100,000 to over 400 in 100,000 of only
the strain of russian tuberculosis, which is harder to detect, faster to
transmit between persons, more deadly in later stages, and causes
more other intended consequences for both the person effected by
the disease and all of those around them, a great many concern is
the avian flu strain H5N1 in addition to H1N1 which now seems minor
in comparison to the former,
avian influenza subtype H5N2 was identified in a series ofchicken and turkey farming operations in the Midwestern region of the United States. As of May 30, more than 43 million birds in 15 states had been destroyed as a result of the outbreak, including nearly 30 million in Iowa alone, the nation's largest egg producer. In the Midwestern U.S., the average price of eggs had increased 120% between April 22 and May 30.
n canada the reason prices of chicken has gone up, WAY UP! Is, over 200 Million birds have died as a result of MEGA-MONOPALIES like burbrae controlling all of the chickens and not having sanitary conditions for housing birds, and they have no regard for the consumer because "they can afford it," if a single outbreak of this comes north, EVERY SINGLE BIRD IN CANADA IS DEAD, or just about, MAJOR REFORMS TO THIS INDUSTRY!
there also is another major strain of a similar disease called H3N2 that
at the university of wisconson a study concluded that it effectively also
transmits through the common house cat, and is capable of moving
through populations faster then we have ever seen in a disease,
multi-currency system with your audience, that will allow the agriculture sector to not go bankrupt overnight when america pulls the bretton woods patterned carpet from under everyone.

http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5c2wsYeoU1ry3hgxo1_1280.… I'm from ontario by the way, AND I'M UPSET ABOUT THIS!
Also did you see the TaePoDong-2 Missile system, it should be able to reach the coast of the USA by the end of next year! 6,000KM this year, it should be able to by the spring make 9,000 then by the fall over 15,000 making it capable of hitting over 30 US states! By the beginning of the following year, they should be able to get the missing high enough for it to not be shot down using current methods! AND RUSSIA HAS A NEW MISSILE TO, capable of destroying a region the size of ALL OF FRANCE AND IT IS STEALTHY! Fun world we live in, russia is deploying little green men from gursev into Lithuania, and canadian forces are expected to engage them! There has been a spike in russian actions in the stan region, belarus, lithuania, moldova, and of corse ukraine!
North Korea has a better media and science industry then canada! I WANT TO MAKE THE CBC GREAT AGAIN! (north korea is where russia put the propaganda industry) Russian Propaganda through RT and Prada News has more influence then the CBC in canada in a number of key industries, and is gaining against our north american news sources for the general public, and there needs to be reform, and a massive expansion of funding!
I have no numbers on the North Korean media empire, it is hard to say, I would just watch this and ask yourself, can canada do this good? https://www.youtube.com/watch…
I am however able to supply numbers for the ladder:
North Korean Science Output*based off of number of international citations also weighted based on importance of the contribution:
1999: 780,000
Now: 12.9 Million
07' 8.8 Million
Now 6.4 mil
USA then ~75million
now ~100 million
Korea today still has control over the soviet navy, and is both adding more ships, not only that but more importantly is using that science output for military purposes, and america is doing the same, Donald J Trump is now calling for a 350 ship navy, with north korea having 680(almost 300 worth of american ships,) and the russians are getting involved again, the world is warming. "North Korea's fleet consist of approximately 630 combat vessels"
This number has had a 50 ship increase commitment between the soviet-korea alliance(or the Rus-Korea agreement through the chondoist house of external affairs("the supreme peoples assembly" committee for external cooperation,) and the korean friendship association!)
Canada should be competing as hard as the koreans or we will loose our country!
The ontario-quebec-core's investments into alberta, and the wild rose party that could make it join the american union, and how your retirement fund DISAPPEARS OVERNIGHT!
Our jeudao-christain values need to be enforced, while at the same time religion needs to be replaced with science.(we must present our values with science)
The need to get france out of the EU and promise them an integration agreement with the Canada, USA, The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Poland, UK, Spain, AND NOT MEXICO!
3USD/day heroin prices are not acceptable!(*based on the amount of heroin one would receive from the maximum allowed dosage issued by the Netherlands!) AND YOUR COMMUNITIES ARE GETTING HIT HARD IN THE NORTH, WHERE ENDEMIC POVERTY IS CONSTANT! Also disease like TB is effecting the communities of natives disproportionately because of their inability to access quality medical care.
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