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Date de l'affichage 08-déc.-16
300,00 $
Adresse Pointe-Claire, QC H9R1B9
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I’ve been trading for a few years now; I’m offering to teach anyone one on one who has an interest in learning forex. This is by far the best start to forex you will find on the internet for $300. A lot of people/companies charge 3k+ to talk to someone one on one and the information they give is garbage I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve seen it all. All of the technical skills I show you can be transferred to stocks as well

If you genuinely practice what I show you and not deviate you can feel confident in 3-4 months and even be in a position to teach others. We will use team viewer. Team viewer allows me to see your screen and move your mouse at the same time as you. I am from London, ON Canada so if you’re local we can meet up as well. I’ll give you the best brokers, professional chart set up, scams to avoid, and just get right to the point.

My website has more information.

Cost is $300 (e-transfer)

For the Experienced Traders $200 (e-transfer)

An Alternative option is if you have at least a few months of recent experience and or 100+ chart hours.We can do a 30-40 min team viewer session and I can teach you exactly how I trade profitably and professionally, as well as straighten out any current problems you may be having. If you have just watched a few you tube videos here and there you are not experienced enough for this we will be moving to quickly

I am not going to be explaining how to install mt4, how to use it, how to measure and calculate pips, how candle sticks work, how to set stop losses and take profits, account types or anything that someone with experience should already understand. I will assume you understand all the basics already but are struggling with your trades. We will be getting right to the trading. I will send you links to download Team Viewer and the indicators to customize the chart exactly how I have in the pictures.

5 min before our scheduled time you should have team viewer and mt4 open. Also it's best to have headphones. And await my call

Website: www.oneononeforex.com
Search Keywords:
Binary Options
Day Trading
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