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Date de l'affichage 08-mai-17
Adresse Dollard-Des Ormeaux, QC H9B1Y4
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*** Spring/Summer, 2017 spaces now available! ***

WEBSITE: http://pages.videotron.com/swguitar

Teaching experience: 14 years
Accreditation: Bachelor of Music in Music Education Degree

- Learn to play the guitar with confidence and a great sense of rhythm (ACOUSTIC, FOLK, ROCK, BLUES, and various other genres!).
- Learn strumming/picking patterns and licks/riffs used by well-known players and singer-songwriters.
- From recordings, learn ear playing skills to meticulously analyze and then recognize chord shapes, scales used, string bends, and various common techniques.
- Memorize complete forms of songs, studying the guitar parts within, from recordings and sheet music.
- Lessons on FINGERSTYLE, LEAD, RHYTHM and IMPROVISATION techniques in a variety of genres.
- Learn to read guitar music from manuscript, tablature and chord charts with well-planned guidance and direction.
- Learn the necessities concerning instrument care, string changing and maintenance.
- Tabs of numerous rhythm and lead lines available.
- Recording studio available for jam tracks.

- Beginners to advanced students, all ages welcome!
- Quality instruction, offered with a total dedication to the needs of the student.
- Utilize numerous supplementary guitar exercises and studies.
- Learn to apply warm-up and technique ideas to the needs of your playing style.
- Learn to play with a great tone - plucking hand approach covered in great detail!
- Royal Conservatory of Music examination preparation, all grades (optional).
- Apprenez à jouer de la guitare de nombreuses périodes historiques.
- Tous les âges et les débutants sont les bienvenus.
- Form and analysis of studied works.
- Théorie et histoire.

Along with regular practice, progress depends on a healthy mixture of gradual and steep technical and musical challenges, be them in a beginner study/exercise, a folk song, a burning solo or a Baroque Period piece. Learn to break things down to minimum detail, for the purpose of improving ideas such as basic single-note finger placement, beginner/advanced chord changes, specific areas of a song, rhythm, coordination and various other concepts which we all need to constantly work at in order for them to have happen more naturally. I enjoy zeroing in on what really needs to be worked on the most - very particular to each individual, which with practice and focus, helps students experience constant progress in many areas of their playing.

If you would like more information about my teaching philosophy/style, a furthering of any of the points above, or to schedule a meeting/first lesson, feel free to contact by email or telephone. I will gladly discuss my approach and more importantly hear about your musical goals (favourite genres, playing styles, etc.). My passion is to guide, motivate, inspire and share with students through my knowledge of and excitement for guitar music.

Lessons also available via Skype! More information is at the site address above.
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