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Date de l'affichage 23-nov.-16
Adresse J2S 5J6, Canada
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Are you self-employed and URGENTLY need a mortgage approval?
Do you want to buy a house and do not have down payment?
Or do you need a self-employment financing or an emergency loan? Or are
you self-employed and therefore have problems getting a loan because your income changes from one year

to the next and you dont qualify for a mortgage?

Whether it is an urgent mortgage approval for the self-employed, or a self-employment financing, or a

mortgage with 0% downpayment, I CAN HELP!!

I work with the 8 big banks of Canada as well as semi-private and private lenders. Based on your

situation and after a few questions, I can direct you to the right financial institution that can assist

you in getting the loan you need. I may be able to assist you even in situations when banks turn you

down. Even if you may qualify with a bank, with me you get a better rate than you would if you go to a

bank on your own. And if you have bad credit, I can refer you to private lenders that may not look at

your credit score to increase your chances, but rather your net

worth and assets (such as equity in your properties). I'm the right person you should call to assist you

if your financial needs is $10,000 or higher. If you think you may qualify only for private lenders

because you don't have income at the moment, you are at least required to have some assets such as a

piece of land, a condo or a home under your name (or your cosigner needs to have some assets even though

you don't have any) or you need to have a decent credit (credit score of 500 or higher).

You may get approved in a couple of days or a week with us.It doesn't matter where you are located in

Canada in this technological age, through one of our branches, you will get approved in your own city

right away!!

Call me today at 1-514-467-2222
leave me your phone number and your name in an email and I will call you back as soon as I can. Thank


PS: Please note that when it comes to mortgages or refinancing, I can assist customers looking for

RESIDENTIAL mortgage or refinancing ONLY. NOT commercial.
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