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Date de l'affichage 22-mai-17
0,50 $
Adresse Montreal, QC H9J1V3
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::::: ITEM FOR SALE :::::

"Renaisance Classic"
Black Photo Album Refill Pages (3-Ring Hole-Punched)

::::: DESCRIPTION :::::

Like-new, unused, unsealed pages. Up to 96 photo album pages, starting at $0.50 per page. Price per unit drops as you purchase more pages. See below for details.

Each page is double-sided, with decorated perforations imprinted on the black backing.

They can fit 4 pictures, each consisting of 4" by 6" in size, on the front and the back of a page.

You can store 8 photo prints per page.

The images provided demonstrate the item being sold. As the buyer, you shall be receiving the pages described in this posting.


Physical Size per page:
32cm by 23.5cm / 12.5in by 9.25in

10 pages laying down (without photo prints inserted) have a depth of about 0.5cm / 0.2in.

Each page is hole-punched with a spread similar to a standard 3-ring binder. Please note that this does not mean each page fits into a 3-ring-binder, but rather the hole-punches are located in the areas that would be typically found in a stand 3-ring binder. The end holes are located at 5cm / 2in as measured from the edge of the page to the center of the punched hole.

Each page is soft and very flexible. As an example, the black backings are not cardboard stiff.



The price quoted on the posting is a minimum of $0.50 for one page. This price stated below is before shipping and handling costs. Supplies are limited, and quantity may be less than available, depending on the purchase offers provided from buyers to the seller.

As the buyer, you may purchase a quantity up to 96 pages. 96 pages is the initial quantity that this posting began to sell before sales offers were made. If you wish to buy more pages, the higher the quantity you buy, the less expensive it will cost per page. It is broken down as follows:

1 to 20 pages: $0.50/pg
21 - 40 pages: $0.45/pg
41 - 60 pages: $0.40/pg
61 - 80 pages: $0.35/pg
81 - 95 pages: $0.30/pg
All 96 pages: $27.50


Pick-up at a pre-determined time and location can be arranged at any of the following locations for a minimum purchase of $10.00. You may combine purchases from my listings in order to obtain the minimum amount listed (search for list headings ending in "TBQ"). There are no additional fees for meeting up at one of the locations provided below. Exact time and area at the location to be discussed through e-mail:

- Fairview Pointe-Claire Shopping Mall, 6815 TransCanada Hwy
- McDonald's, 3882 Boul. St-Charles
- McDonald's, 44 Boul. St-Charles

If you wish to meet up at other locations, please ask the buyer where to meet up. Additional charges will apply for pick-up locations other than those listed above. Discuss with the seller though e-mail.

If you wish to have this item shipped to your home or workplace, please contact the seller by e-mail to inquire about costs. Shipping & handling of product will vary, depending on the quantity asked for, and time needed to receive delivery. Delivered using Canada Post services. S&H will also include costs for time and packaging.


Payment is to be made in cash if picked-up from the location of choice.

Payment, if shipped, is to processed with PayPal. It is strongly recommended to ask for S&H costs first. DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT UNTIL ALL COSTS ARE INVOICED for shipping to your location.


This is a private sale between an independent salesperson to you, the buyer. The product being sold here is final. The products are sold as-is. There is no implicit or explicit warranty given to the performance of the product seen in the images. No returns, exchanges or refunds allowed. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the product's use after payment is made in cash at a pick-up location. Alternatively, buyer assumes all responsibilities for products as soon as seller confirms the products are paid & shipped to the buyer's location.

Products will be briefly examined before being shipped by the seller. Any defect or undesirability with the product is relieved from the seller's responsibility. If meeting up at a pick-up point, the buyer must present the cash before accepting the product. If requested by the buyer to inspect it visually at that pick-up point, the seller will demonstrate the product in a reasonable fashion.


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