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Date de l'affichage 02-avr.-17
5,00 $
Adresse Kirkland, QC H9J1K6
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A casual gaming phenomenon, Diner Dash’s addictive formula returns in Diner Dash: Flo on the Go. As the title implies, you’re taking your show on the road, on a cruise ship to be more specific. Can Flo find success on the high seas, and more importantly, is the gameplay as addictive as ever?

Thankfully, the gameplay remains the same as in the original, for the most part. You use your stylus to move around your restaurant and make sure that everyone is attended to. You sit customers down, you take their orders, you deliver food, and you pass them the bill. This starts off really easy, and gradually progresses in difficulty and complexity, as the creators have a few surprises, such as blackouts, turbulence, and other factors that make the game more exciting to play. At the later points, with some of the bigger locales, the action becomes relatively challenging, even for jaded gamers. Moving around using the DS controls works for the most part, but unfortunately there are issues you’ll encounter that have to do with the relatively small real estate on the DS’ bottom screen. The developers certainly could’ve used the top screen as more of an aide than simply a score-keeping tool.

Still, the addictive Diner Dash formula where you just want to keep on growing and helping more and more people is still here, and certainly the audience for this game will enjoy the heck out of the new customer types, entertainers, and the ability to dress up Flo as well. The endless shift mode, sort of like a horde-mode for Diner Dash, provides an endless stream of customers to attend to. As a complete package, the DS version of Diner Dash: Flo on the Go has enough content to keep fans of the series more than occupied for hours on end. There is a multi-card multiplayer mode that has players competing to serve the most customers, or trying not to lose customers, which adds some replayability to the cart.

The visuals, unfortunately, aren’t much fun to look at. The pixel count isn’t high, the animation isn’t fully cooked, and overall the game just looks rather dull and lifeless compared to its PC iteration, or even how some of its competitors look on iPhone. I hate to nitpick about the graphics, since It is entirely likely that the intended audience for this game will be willing to overlook those flaws. Casual gamers are not known for their pickiness when it comes to visuals. Still, it is disappointing that the team couldn’t spruce up the presentation a little bit more for the DS outing. To wrap up the presentation, the audio is competent and just about what you’d expect from these types of titles. The audio didn’t really have any issues, even if it didn’t stand out overall.

Diner Dash: Flo on the Go extends the addictive formula, while adding a few new twists along the way. While the presentation feels cramped and a bit clunky on the DS, fans of the series will nevertheless enjoy this entry. Some tweaks to the presentation and control would’ve definitely improved the experience, but what is here still packs enough new content for casual gamers who enjoy the Diner Dash formula.
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