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Date de l'affichage 12-déc.-16
Adresse Calgary, AB T3J4J3
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Are you an inventor with a new idea AND crude hand sketches, or do you own or work for a Company currently using bad 2D drawings? With more and more skilled workers retiring and the current influx of untrained workers flooding the labour pool, the correct interpretation and execution from 2D drawings is becoming a highly risky and costly venture.

***** My service is not for Architectural Drafting. *****

*** All work is accepted under the terms of a standard Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), whether in existence or not. ***

I provide a proven and valuable service to my clients who have, or are now in the process of migrating to a 3D environment. My comprehensive drafting service translates 2D data into fully parametric 3D models with detailed drawings. You may apply this service to both new product designs and existing legacy data. Once created, standalone parts can then be “ joined “ together to form Complete Assembly Models. Visual Inspection of a Complete 3D Assembly model allows the client the opportunity to verify that the; form, fit and functionality criteria of all parts has been met, BEFORE approaching a manufacturer. Finding unforeseen manufacturing problems early on in the design process prevents loss of your hard earned capital and time on costly prototype revisions.

Outsourcing 2D to 3D conversions is a proven and cost effective strategy for reducing your internal staff’s workload and stress. Having commonly used legacy files outsourced for library conversions also gives your staff that much needed time and freedom to concentrate their efforts on higher priority tasks.

Before beginning any large conversion project ( 100+ parts ) it is recommended that you send 10 or so, sample documents, along with your specific layering standards, blocks, etc. to facilitate an initial evaluation of competency. This sampling allows you and I to work together to ensure that the ongoing conversions meet all of your specific needs before any large conversion projects are started.

Once you receive and review my pre-invoice e-files, a follow-up email will be issued to verify that the files have met all of your specific requirements. If any inconsistencies within the files are detected; corrections are completed immediately and the updated files are returned to you at no extra charge.

**** Revisions MAY be considered new parts ****


Fabrication Packages

A complete Fabrication Package consists of all Parts and an Assembly model plus:

- Overall Assembly Drawing(s) with overall dimensions and Sub-Assembly BOM’s
- Sub-Assembly Drawing(s) with overall dimensions, weld and finish notes, and Hardware/ Part
BOM’s *** weld symbols are added solely at clients discretion as I am not a welder ***
- Part Drawing(s) fully dimensioned



Should you wish my services at an hourly rate, I charge $30.00 p/hr or portion thereof.
I prefer not to charge an hourly rate, but rather a per PART flat fee rate of $25.00. I prefer this method so that clients are not burdened with bad computer time ( program crashes, lag etc. etc. )

Example: three stand alone parts

Part A = $25.00
Part B = $25.00
Part C = $25.00

Total for individual parts $75.00


The cost of a Complete Assembly Model is calculated using the following formula:
( number of ALL parts in the assembly divided by 3) x $25.00

Using Parts A,B and C from above a Complete Assembly Model would cost $25.00

Part A = $25.00
Part B = $25.00
Part C = $25.00
Assembly = $25.00

Total project cost $100.00


A Complete Assembly Model consisting of 60 parts would be billed as follows:

60 x $25.00 = $1500.00 for all individual Part Models
(60/3) x $25.00 = $500.00 for complete Assembly Model

Total project cost $2000.00

*** In the case of an Assembly with 61 parts we round down to 60 parts. ***
*** In the case of an Assembly with 65 parts we round up to 66 parts. ***

Hardware ( pem inserts, washers, nuts, bolts, screws etc.) are not considered to be parts, and are not billed for. However; hinges are considered to be a single part and are included in billing.



For Large projects ( 100+ parts ) :

Unalterable e-files of models and drawings, along with an Invoice will be sent to your company for your review. You will then have one business week to review the files for quality and accuracy, after which time e-payment is expected.

Upon confirmation of payment; all pertinent “Working Files” will be transmitted to you and a Backup Data DVD will be mailed out. Upon confirmation of receipt of your Project Backup Data DVD all of your project information, other than billing information will be permanently removed from our computer system.

Billing will be sent out in $500.00 increments. Failure to adhere the Invoicing payment policy above, will result in the termination of your projects work, until payment has been received.

For small projects ( less than 20 parts ) :

An unalterable e-file of models and drawings, along with an Invoice will be sent to your company for your review. You will then have 3 business days to review the files for quality and accuracy, after which time e-payment is expected.

I am open to negotiations should you wish to hire me as a long term outside contractor.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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