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Date de l'affichage 14-oct.-16
Sur demande
Adresse Saint-Lazare, QC J7T2B1
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À vendre par Particulier

It is very sad that I must put the following disclaimer,
but I have had many frustrating buyers contact me in
the past and to save everyone time and good Karma,
I feel it is good to include the following disclaimers...
Things to know BEFORE you contact me...
If you ask questions yet don't have the
courtesy to reply to answers...
If you want to make a ridiculous offer...
If you like being rude when you don't get
what you want...
If you ask me questions already on the listing...
If you want to haggle (I try to give better prices
that you could find elsewhere right from the
get-go, and at the end of the day, the price I want
IS the price I want. I make few exceptions, unless
purchasing large amounts)
If you like Phishing for info OR
IF are a DEALER (I can't meet you bottom line)
THEN Please save us both time and move on.
Thank you for understanding.

PS I have loads of new condition books,
collectibles, clothes, many not yet listed,
check my other listings. If you are a
reasonable book collector I may make
exception for someone looking to
purchase entire book collection
(1000's of new/rare/collectible books)

Collectors book:
Australian Women's Weekly
The Best of Children's ARTS & CRAFTS
Condition NEW
Over 150 Projects - Step by step techniques
Ideas to stimulate -Color photographs
Isbn 9781552854976




Asking $70.00 - B4U:(pls✔linksTY

Australian Women's Weekly Publications are Beautiful
There is a reason they are expensive. If New isn't for you,
I have provided the link that will help you locate a Used copy for less.
Hope you find what you are looking for.
Narnia - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
- by C.S.Lewis
Includes the full colored collectors edition
Illustrated by Pauline Baynes
With an unabridged audio performance
By Michael York on four Compact Discs
Orig.Shrink sealed
Isbn 9780060556495


USED - US$24.99+16.69ship+5.18duty
About US$46-cad$55

Asking $100 NEW

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas
Isbn 9780061375873

Asking $15

Count Karlstein by Philip Pullman
Isbn 9780679892557

Asking $50
Fisher-Price Little People
Let's Meet Farmer Jed
Condition NEW Boardbook
(Minuscule wear at bottom of back cover)
Isbn 9780794414252

Asking $65

Harry Potter#5786 TM & c. Warner Bros. Springs Industry Inc.
2 - Wall Panels:
These are only avail. On secondary markets.
Due to their age, there is a slight fold lines.
Creative quilters can do quilting that will help obscure this.
Blue /Metallic accents - Cotton - Not for sleepwear
Presently, online, each panel sells between US$25-US$35
My grouped price is cad$50/both panels only sold with fabric below

Harry Potter#5778 TM & c. Warner Bros. Springs Industry Inc.
1 - 76" x 42" (min.)
Blue/Metallic accents throughout - Cotton - Not for sleepwear
Beautiful out-of-print Harry Potter fabric featuring Weasley's flying car. The fabric is a very pleasant shade of blue and has golden glitter within, made by Warner Bros. Springs industry, "Harry Potter #5778".
I can easily sell fat quarters for cad$25/ea (18"x22") online (x8=$200), but I do not wish to cut up this great length of fabric, so I will give a discount. Asking: $170 plus above $50 fabric price not sold separately

Since I am only selling these fabrics together,
I will apply an additional group discount of cad$20
ASKING Price (for all HP fabric): cad$200

Ramagon / not used 365 very big builder... This is a rare brick builder that works with Lego for great customizable projects. Box worn but pieces sealed in their original bags. For the Lego enthusiast who has almost everything...

If you made it this far ;) thank you for your time :)
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