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Date de l'affichage 23-nov.-16
Sur demande
Adresse Rigaud, QC J0P1P0
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After dedicating over 30 years to our Newfoundland
Breed dogs..
we are a CKC registered Newfoundland Dog kennel ...
we are downsizing.
short list below.. many other items avaaible as well.
please enquire:
Please inquire about NEWFOUNDLAND DOG sized
Exposition metal Exposition/Show Crate
est sizes 4.5' x 4.5' x 4.5' x 4.5'
accomodates 1 large Male, or 2 smaller females

Exposition metal Exposition/Show Crate XXXL
accomodates 1 large Male, or 2 smaller
$100 firm

DOG SLED; kick sled style
fine wood dog kick sled , very good metal runners
this sled manuevers exremely well, and is easy to
for the intelliegent healthy active
Newfoundland dog and owner.
Also can be converted to super fast toboggan ;)
PLEASE NOTE: my Newfs have done 8mph at a
TROT... Newfoundland dogs are more "Freighters"
rather than "Racers" yet they always finish a
competition (normally in top 10) AND have the
endurance to enjoy long epos into the winter without
tiring.. Have gone out for 34hour
journeys with my

SACCO training cart - imported from Switzerland
light weight welded METAL SLED DOG TRAINING CART.
this is used in the spring and fall nonsnow months.
May also be used on plowed roads or groomed packed trails in winter.
This 4wheel cart style cart with rear stand on platform
Allowing seat area to be used for passengers or cargo
for carrying lunch on
forreys into the trails, as well as water and other gear.
Even can fit a camping tent is you are going camping
with your Newfoundland Dogs. :)
Has brakes is used in similar manner as dogsled.
Easily transported ontop of car or in Pickup truck.
NOTE: never use in extemely hot weather detrimental
to your dog. (New these carts run $2k+)
$990 SOLD

Huge PARADE/WORK Wooden Wagon with Red
"chuck wagon" Canopy Large Air Tires;
Perfect fr fund raisers giving children dog cart rides,
can hold upto 950lbs
strudy excellant construction
comes with red "chuck wagon" canopy and padded pad
for wagon interior for children riders.
we also used itto carry our babies around in with the nice canopy to keep the sun off them.
great for your Newf helping you to haul in winter wood in the fall.
tires can be removed for winter ski attachment sold in HomeHardware for winter use as well.
can also attach to hitch.
$250 obo

Antique Spinning Wheel for CHIENGORA
this spinning wheel works beautifully in making the ultra soft and warm CHIENGORA yarn, from prewashed Newfoundland dog undercoat.
$200 obo

Books on Breeding various prices
please inquire
Books on The Newfoundland Dogs various prices
please inquire
Natural Remedies books various prices please inquire
Books on training some rare out of print varius
prices please inquire
Information on breeding programs nutrition etc
prices vary please inquire.

Natural grooming/cleaning& medicnal product
$40/bottle new of consentrated 100%natural product.


Puppy rearing equipment.

Breeding expertise available.

CKC dogs magazines (box full) with many articles

SNOW HOOK $40 heavy metal SOLD

All Newfoundland Dog SHOW & EXPOSITION
equipment, info, etc. for sale....
many more items.. please enquire
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