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Date de l'affichage 09-janv.-17
Adresse Boul Saint-Jean, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC H9H, Canada
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Everyone must have access to his passport photo

The company Home Headshots Montreal offer passport photo service done at home. Quick installation at the customer is done in 15 minutes and thereafter the photos are edited and printed in the next 30 minutes.

The social side of the business allows the disabled, seniors, children under 5 years old and for business people who need a fastin-home service.

Our quality standards meet the specific criteria required by the Canadian government.

Here are some rules and standards:

You must submit two (2) identical photos with each passport application.
Your photos must be:
• personally taken by a commercial photographer.
• 50 mm wide by 70 mm long (2 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches long) and sized to the height of the face is between 31 mm (1 1/4 inches) and 36 mm (1 7 / 16 inches) from chin to natural crown.
• clear, well defined and clear. Photos can be in color or black and white.
• taken with a neutral facial expression (eyes open and clearly visible, mouth closed and no smile).
• a uniform illumination without shadows, reflection or glare.
• centered, with the face and upper shoulders toward the camera.
• taken on a white or light colored so that your features are clearly distinguishable against the background. Photos must reflect / represent natural skin tone.
• representative of your current appearance (taken within the last six months).
• unaltered originals, not taken from any existing photo.
What is an altered photo?
• professionally printed on high quality photographic paper (photos printed at home or on heavy paper are not accepted).
This information must be included on the back of a picture:
• The name of the photographer's studio, complete address and the date the photo was taken. This information may be hand written or stamped by the photographer. Self-adhesive labels are unacceptable.
• Your guarantor must clearly write "I certify the authenticity of this photo (applicant's name)" and sign his name (name and first name). No respondent is required for a passport renewal for adults.
Additional Information
• The goggles can be worn in the photos provided that we can see the eyes and there is no reflection on the glasses.
• The sunglasses and tinted lenses are not acceptable.
• Photos with red eye and images where red-eye is corrected are unacceptable.
• A hat or head covering may be worn, unless it is worn daily for religious or medical reasons. However, your full face must be clearly visible and the head covering must not create shading on the face.
• It is not necessary to tie your hair.
• The shadows are not acceptable. Lighting should be uniform to avoid shadows on the face or shoulders, around the ears or in the background.
Photos of children
• Pictures of children must respect the same rules indicated above.
• Photos must show only the head and shoulders of the child. The hands of parents or the child should not appear in the photo.
• Passport Program recognizes the difficulty of obtaining a neutral expression of a newborn and will be tolerant in this regard.
• For infants, the picture can be taken when the child is sitting in his car seat, provided a white blanket is placed on the seat behind the head of the child. It should not be any shadow on the face and shoulders, or around the ears or in the background.

The passport application will be rejected if the photos do not meet these specifications.

Michel Bellemare, photographer
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