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Date de l'affichage 28-déc.-16
Adresse Montreal, QC H2X3Y2
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Photo session in-Home ($75/1 hour)

I know very well that is always nerve wracking to get your picture taken. I have spoken to many outgoing individuals who say that they “just aren’t photogenic”… Well, in a comfortable environment where the photographer isn’t counting down the minutes or the exposures, with the right direction, I promise you that you will be.

There is much variety in looks and personality but the goal with each and every one of these shots was the same: To translate the person’s personality into the headshot. We want a picture that represents the person walking into the room on their best day.

To get different aspects of your personality to shine through we match the background, wardrobe, light, and composition to your look.

The session is kept light, fun, and relaxed. If you are comfortable it shows in the pictures and most smiles will be real indeed. We also make sure that you are comfortable and informed throughout the session and get the very best service and product possible that will meet your needs and budget.

Typically, a portrait session in your home or office runs about 1 hour. We can also offer a reduced group rate. You will be able to see your proofs shortly after the session. They will be on our website, safe and secure behind password protection only for you to see.

You can take your time, consult your team and friends, and decide on which shots you would like to have finished. The ones you choose will then be professionally touched up and given to you by email or printed. Our touch up techniques are professional and very high quality.

Call us now : Home Headshots Montreal : 514-229-6082
And visit us on our web site : homeheadshots

Google us: Home headshots Montreal
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