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Date de l'affichage 09-avr.-17
104,00 $
Adresse 4350 Rue Circle, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 2G9, Canada
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I wanted to have some original NEVE 1084 EQs but they were very expensive (still are) and there was no alternative or DIY out there so I decided to make my own. After much research and prototyping I arrived at this one PCB EQ that fits a 1RU case (custom cases available from 2 sources). I decided to make it available to others in the DIY community as well.

I removed the mike preamp from the design in order to gain space but also as I and many sound engineers do not EQ on tracking. It also cuts down on expense.These are PCB's, designed from original NEVE schematics! It's faithful to original 100% unlike some clones that have altered the design to fit into 500 series cases etc.. I also included some added features which do not alter the audio path in any way.

The parts are easy to obtain and the project is one of the simplest DIY (hence EZ as prefix). I include hard to find BC184C transistors as well as an adapter PCB for the input XFR.The Build Guide includes page by page instructions/steps with illustrations/images. The concept here is to build a great sounding classic EQ for Professional Recordings. I have many testimonials from builders all over the globe (from small home mini studios to full sized professional facilities).You do not have to be an expert to build these but you should at least know how to solder. I've had some builders that have build this project as their very first one. I back up the product by offering my help via email if needed.

This EQ sounds creamy smooth (sorry but I can't find any other words) and is much quieter than originals due to better grounding and shorter audio paths throughout.

Make no mistake! This is a PRO sounding piece of gear. Originals and clones cost more than 3 to 7 times what this one will cost and I've had some tell me it sounds better than originals and all clones out there. All parts are high quality including capacitors which are mostly WIMA. Input and Output XFRs and inductors are all from Carling in England. Rotary switches are Grayhill.For those that do not want to build their own I will be offering fully built units in the near future.Contact me if you need further info.Cheers and happy DIY.


PS: Search for EZ1084EQ to see what others are saying about this EQ project.
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