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Date de l'affichage 01-déc.-16
Adresse Island of Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada
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Look at all the things that people have told me…

“I would love to learn Spanish but right now things are busy and I only have a few hours a week…maybe I’ll take it up when I have more time” (AKA never)

“I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for years, but I haven’t made any real progress. I think I’m just not good at languages”

“I have a tough time speaking the language. I can’t find the words when I need them, my accent is horrible, and I’m afraid I’ll just frustrate the person I’m talking to.”

Any of this sound familiar to you?

I felt the same way as these people when I started to learn Spanish. I wasted time and money on things like Rosetta Stone, audio CDs, and Apps (which don’t work), and sacrificed my weekends sitting in a classroom. After all of this I made very little progress and was left frustrated.

Little did I realize that it wasn’t MY fault…I had just been learning using the WRONG METHODS.

When I met Julia, everything changed.

She is a professional Spanish teacher who lives in Guatemala, and we started to do 1-on-1 video lessons through Skype. In the beginning, the idea of learning Spanish online from someone thousands of miles away seemed far-fetched to me…but the results were amazing.

After less than a year of Skype lessons, I became totally fluent in Spanish. I can now effortlessly talk for hours with native speakers, and confidently say anything I want to say.

But I kept thinking to myself, why aren’t more people learning this way? So, in order help other people discover this method of learning, I founded: Verbalicity

We are an online Spanish school offering Skype lessons with our outstanding team of teachers based in Latin America (including Julia).

Here’s why you are going to love Skype lessons with Verbalicity:

- Convenient: Our teachers adapt to your schedule. Whether it’s days/evenings/weekends, you decide when you want to learn, and book lessons accordingly. There are no monthly fees or fixed commitment.

- Effective: Each lesson is completely customized to your learning style, goals, and strengths/weaknesses. You get individual attention and learn at your own pace!

- Affordable: You get to learn from our handpicked, fully-certified teachers, most with over 10+ years of experience. For as little as C$18/hour (Canadian), you get to learn from the best-of-the-best.

- No Risk: We’ll give you a 1-hour FREE trial lesson, I’m serious. No credit card information required.

Look, this is not a magical solution that will teach you Spanish overnight. You still have to put in the time and effort. But I can 100% guarantee that this is the single fastest and most effective way to learn, and you WILL see immediate improvement, even in the first lesson.

Please visit our website below (copy+paste into your browser), and sign up for a trial lesson:


Happy learning,

Founder, Verbalicity

Questions? Email Us: contact@verbalicity.com

PS: Still have your doubts? Check out our recent newspaper feature and learn more about us!

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