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Alai Intelliphase P1 phaser guitar pedal effect
175,00 $
Edmundston 02-août-22
Complete in box and works great. Price is negotiable, etransfer accepted and shipping available.
Line 6 Amplifi fx100
200,00 $
Edmundston 02-août-22
Mint in box but missing manual. Works great, im just not playing anymore. Price is negotiable, etransfer accepted and shipping available.
Bugera vintage 55
650,00 $
Edmundston 18-juillet-22
Bugera vintage 55 with a custom 1x12 speaker cabinet
Traynor DHX 212 with Tone Tubby Alnico
700,00 $
Edmundston 16-juillet-22
Greatest 212 cab ever made. Full and punchy. Original speakers where replaced by Tone Tubby Alnico Chicago Blue(16ohm each). Wired for 8ohm.
Guitar pedal for sale
Sur demande
Edmundston 16-juillet-22
MXR 10 Band EQ + 18V power supply 100$ MXR 6 Band EQ 80$ MXR Analog Chorus SOLD Mooer classic british 50W head sim SOLD (UK Gold Plexi preamp pedal & amp sim)
Sovtek Mig-50
1 200,00 $
Edmundston 08-juillet-22
90s Sovtek Mig-50 head in great condition. 5881 power tubes. This amp is Sovtek's take on the Marshall Plexi and it sounds great.
Sustain Pedal
20,00 $
Edmundston 08-juillet-22
Sustain Pedal. Posted in musical instruments, amps, pedals in Edmundston. July 8, 2022
1970 Traynor YVM-1
850,00 $
Edmundston 25-juin-22
Ampli en bonne condition a besoin d'un nettoyage
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