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Aquarium decor and light
Cape Breton < 10 hours ago
3 good size pieces of drift wood and a brand new aquarium light still in box. This isnt a cheap plastic light. Paid 200 for the light . Made of aluminum with nice black finish. The light is ...
16 gal fish tank with 2 crayfish
Cape Breton < 24 hours ago
16 gal fish tank with 2 crayfish and all a person needs to set it up. 1 male 1 female. $250 firm Please text or phone. 289 698 3441
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Cape Breton 17/05/2022
Low quality flowerhorn, will still be a good looking fish just wont have a huge hump. Roughly 3 inch. Will most likely attack anything you try and house with it. Best kept alone. -$25
Koi, Goldfish & Pond fish
Please Contact
Cape Breton 17/05/2022
I’m looking to find fish for my ponds - Let me know if you have some for sale or to give away - thanks
Betta fish for sale
Cape Breton 14/05/2022
Getting f out of the hobby of breeding and keeping i have a few babies left that need new tanks to call home I have 3 koi male - 40 each (3 months old) pet stores here neber carry the koi color 1 ...
Fish tank moss
Cape Breton 08/05/2022
I have grown a huge amount of moss...need to sell some off. Will sell pretty much all of it for 10.00.
Convict cichlid babies
Cape Breton 06/05/2022
very young still - extremely active
Fish tank
Cape Breton 04/05/2022
Fish tank and accessories . Cabinet included
Looking for FISH TANK
Please Contact
Cape Breton 29/04/2022
hi, im looking for a free or cheap fish tank. Needs to be atleast 10 gallons or larger. I was given pregnant guppies (wasn't told they were prego) and my 5 gal is way too small to house the babies ...
Red shoulder severum
Cape Breton 28/04/2022
Healthy youngish female red shoulder severum, about 4” long. From a healthy tank. This fish will get about 8-10” long and will require a sizeable tank. She doesn’t nip at any of my other fish, ...
Please Contact
Cape Breton 27/04/2022
My fish recently gave birth to so far, 6, babies I will be selling when the babies are in their juvenile stage, approx 2-3 months Would like to have some buyers planned out for then Flexible on price ...
Cape Breton 26/04/2022
I am looking to see if there is any interest in purchasing all or any of my cichlids would rather sell them all at once but will consider selling a few at a time. If anyone is interested message me ...
looking to adopt fresh water fish
Please Contact
Cape Breton 26/04/2022
looking for any types of chchlid fish if you have any to give away, and if the'll get along with parrot fish please send me a message, thankyou very much please, have a wonderful day and stay safe ...
Balloon molly fish
Cape Breton 23/04/2022
I have 12 fry fish that I will be selling when they are ready they are balloon Molly’s will be asking $4.00 each these fish are tropical fish so require a heater in there tank
Gorgeous koi betta fish! NS bred and raised.
Cape Breton 15/04/2022
Plakat koi betta fish. Beautiful fish. From Thai and Vietnamese lines. Shipping and delivery available. Bred and raised here in Nova Scotia.
2 Marble Crayfish
Cape Breton 12/04/2022
Some general info on Marble Crayfish Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gallons Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: PH 6.5-8 and Medium Hard to Very Hard Temperature: 65-75 F (18-23 C) Maximum Size: 3 inches (8 ...
Green Terror Cichlids
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Cape Breton 12/04/2022
Some general info on Green Terror Cichlids Origin: The ancestors of the Green Terror lived in Peru and Ecuador in north western South America. But now they live in aquariums all over the world. ...
10 gallon fish tank for sale.
Cape Breton 10/04/2022
We have a 10 gallon fish tank for sale. The tank comes with: 20 platys 5 guppies 10 apple snails Heater Filter Oxygen pump and tubes No fixed price. Make me an offer.
Guppy and Molly fry
Cape Breton 09/04/2022
Super healthy male and female fish varying in age. $2 per fish, deals if you buy more, they make great pets and also a healthy snack for your bigger fish. Can meet or deliver for a fee
Green Texas cichlids
Cape Breton 07/04/2022
Still young have a few to sell only about 1”1/2 10$ each very healthy and will grow fairly large and become aggressive when the get mature right now are very mild and be mixed with pretty much any ...
45 Gallon Bowfront aquarium W. Stand & Cannister Filter.
Please Contact
Cape Breton 04/04/2022
45 Gallon Fluval Bowfront aquarium with Stand and Fluval 306 Canister filter. was approximately 700-900 new. Just looking to get back what I can, has been cared for and isn't slimy, crusty, or banged ...
Apple snails for sale.
Cape Breton 03/04/2022
Apple snails for sale. Great glass cleaners. $ 2 each. 5 snails minimum
Fish and tank full set up
Cape Breton 02/04/2022
I have a 10 gallon fish tank with filter lights thermometer a heater a good air pump its a 2 vaulve. Aslo have a show betta and 7 african dwarf frogs with food and 1 new filter to go with it. Asking ...
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