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Fluval flex 15 gallon
Dartmouth < 17 hours ago
Stocked with neocardina shrimp and scarlet badis. Love plants galore build in filter and light. Not looking to sell anything seperate. Delivery can be discussed otherwise pick up in Dartmouth
Fluval flex 9 gallon
Dartmouth < 17 hours ago
Stocked with a male Betta lots of love plants. Built in filter and light with remote. Not looking to sell anything separate. Delivery can be discussed, otherwise pick up in Dartmouth.
Heavily planted 25 gallon
Dartmouth < 17 hours ago
Stocked with black guppies neocardina shrimp, and a pair of Starlite BN plecos. Not looking to sell anything separate. Delivery can be discussed, otherwise pick up in dsrmouth
Established 35 gallon tank
Dartmouth < 17 hours ago
Tank filter light and stand I made with storage under neath. Made front solid wood. Live plants. 2 female Bettas 2 sword tail mollies 3 serpene tetras Not looking to sell anything separate. Delivery ...
Bristlenose pleco
Dartmouth < 18 hours ago
Bristlenose Plecos available for sale. They are 1"+ big Most of them do not grow more than 5 inches, but the average adult size is only about 3-4 inches They are an excellent addition to any peaceful ...
Aquarium 100 Test Strips
Cole Harbour 26/05/2023
API Test strips 5 in 1. Ph. no2. no3. KH. CH. Just dip and read. Measures Ph, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate and General Hardness in an aquarium. 100 Test Strips. Brand new sealed packet.
Caribsea liferock
Dartmouth 25/05/2023
2 branch rock Nano arch and a couple small rocks Never been used in a living reef environment so no pests etc. Great for saltwater or african cichlids $40
300w heater with controller
Dartmouth 25/05/2023
BRS Titanium heater with inkbird digital controller $50
Albino Bristlenose Plecos - great algae eaters  - about 12 left
Dartmouth 22/05/2023
I have about a dozen left of young Albino Bristlenose Plecos for sale. They are 1.5" big now and are excellent algae eaters. Most of them do not grow more than 5 inches, but the average adult size is ...
Blue Shrimps (Neocaridina) - for Freshwater fish tank
Dartmouth 22/05/2023
Blue Shrimps (neocaridina) available for sale. They are for freshwater fish tank and are only about 1/2" big right now. These elegant freshwater shrimps are one of the easiest to keep in the hobby, ...
40 gal tall with stand and all accessories
Dartmouth 21/05/2023
Tanks stand light all mumbuna/peacock cichlids. 100w heater, Aqueon light with remote. 2x aquaclear 110. Bubbler with bar.
5 Gallon with Stand
Dartmouth 20/05/2023
5 gallon tank, light, filter, heater, gravel, beautiful stand. Pick up in Dartmouth.
30gal Acrylic Aquarium w/ Led lighting wood stand and extras
Port Wallace 18/05/2023
Only used for a few months with small fish. Many of the accessories were not used at all. Everything works and in very good condition. Cost well over 1000 for all of it. Stand is not included. There ...
Tank fish and stand
Dartmouth 16/05/2023
The tank is about a year old no leaks comes with everything you see including fertilizer and pimer plus some other stuff , filter heater and decor all included will need to come and move it yourself ...
5 guppy fish and tank!
Dartmouth 14/05/2023
There is 4 males and one female in the tank! It will come with plants and rocks and pump and heater plus bubble pump too! Looking to sell them to someone who has the time to take care of them. I ...
Breeding pair of Albino Bristlenose Pleco - proven breeding pair
Dartmouth 14/05/2023
Breeding pair of albino bristlenose plecos for sale. Male is about 3" big, female slightly smaller. This pair just bred last month. $70. Sorry no trades. Cash only, No EMT. Pick-up only in Dartmouth. ...
Nutrafin Aqua Care Value Pack
Cole Harbour 12/05/2023
Nutrafin Aqua Care Value Pack. Brand New. Unopened.
Fish tank and supplies
Dartmouth 10/05/2023
Just needs some cleaning. Comes with heater for tank and supplies. Tank alone goes for 40$
Looking for unwanted fish or aquarium stuff
Please Contact
Southdale 06/05/2023
Hello. I'm looking for any aquarium equipment or decor you are willing to part with. I can also take in any freshwater fish (that are suitable for 5g to 125g aquariums) you are looking to rehome. If ...
Looking to rehome your freshwater fish? I can take them
Please Contact
Southdale 06/05/2023
Have some fish you need to find a new home for? I am an experienced fishkeeper with some empty spare tanks in my fish room, as well as some space in our community tanks. If you are looking to get rid ...
Aquarium with Filter etc..
Please Contact
Head of Chezzetcook 03/05/2023
Aquarium 48x12.5x18.75 very good condition with coral background $135 and cover; Oasis Turtle Ramp $30; Python No spill Clean and Fill Maintenance System $35; Python Hands Free and S pill Hook $15; ...
75 gallon fish tank
Dartmouth 01/05/2023
75 gallon with stand, will sell fish separately depending on deal. Has FX6 fluval filter. Looking for best offer over $400.
60 gallon corner tank.
Dartmouth 01/05/2023
With or without fish. Need gone ASAP, moving. Best offer over $200
Hornwort for sale
Dartmouth 30/04/2023
I have a few stems of hornwort to part with, it is bushy and grows very quick, a small piece nearly doubles in a week. It’s the bushy plant in the photos. Does well floating or anchored to something. ...
Aquarium stuff
Dartmouth 30/04/2023
I have a few air pumps, plug in and usb. I have two top fin five gallon filters, two top fin 2 gallon filters and 2 whisper filters since I switched to sponge filters. I have a couple decorations ...
Looking for Hornwort Aquarium Plant
Dartmouth 26/04/2023
ISO hornwort for my West African tank
Trumpet snails
Dartmouth 22/04/2023
Trumpet snails are great little snails to liven your aquariums ecosystem. Great for sandy bottoms. They help stir up the sand to keep your substrate cleaner.
Bristle nose babies
Dartmouth 21/04/2023
Approximately 1-1.5 inches. Great tank mates, very friendly $5 each or 5 for $20 Delivery in Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage is possible
*NEW SunSun HW-3000 Frequently Outside Filter
Dartmouth 17/04/2023
5-Stage Canister w/ 9W UV Sterilizer Amazing LCD display that is simple and easy to use Adjustable Flow: 396-793gph, perfect for your tank! No priming required. Pick up in Dartmouth.
40 Gallon breeder tank
Dartmouth 15/04/2023
I am selling a full setup including: 40 gallon tank Two metal boxes as the stand with styrofoam under the tank LED lighting Heater Plastic egg crate like cover Aquaclear 70 filter Sponge filter with ...
Fish tank/aquarium
Dartmouth 10/04/2023
Fish comes with sand or gravel rocks, fake plants and some other things
3 snail leeches :)
Dartmouth 09/04/2023
Hi. I have discovered these snail leeches. I got them accidentally with my plants. I’m too soft to kill them and I don’t want to let my snails die so Can someone who likes really neat morbid stuff ...
Crystal Shrimp For Sale!
Eastern Passage 05/04/2023
-SHRIMP ALWAYS AVAILABLE -6$ea or 10 for 50$ -Mostly-Fully grown shrimp -15+ Years of experience -Pickup in Eastern Passage -Delivery is 10$ within 15m, 20$ within 30m TRADES: Blue Dream/Velvet Neos ...
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