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Aquarium and accessories
Dartmouth < 16 hours ago
55 Gallon next to new aquarium plus stand. Bought from 1 fish 2 fish in June for 815$ and we have decided to go to Saltwater. List below we bought after Two 70 gallon filters 1 fluval and 1 aqua ...
10 Inch l330 royal pleco for trade
Please Contact
Dartmouth 16/10/2021
Posted by Colby in pets, fish for rehoming in Halifax, Dartmouth. October 16, 2021
Fire Red Neocaridina Shrimp for Sale
Dartmouth 16/10/2021
High quality Fire Red Neo Shrimp for Sale for your Tropical Aquarium - $6 each (minimum 5 shrimp per order) - Cash, e-Transfer, Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards (mobile tap and pin reader) accepted. - VERY ...
KRIBENSIS mated pair
Dartmouth 15/10/2021
Mated pair have mated several times. Have some medium sized single Kribs from this pair (5$).
Please Contact
Dartmouth 14/10/2021
5 males, 4 females and 3 juveniles (females). A total of 12 guppies for $15. Pick up.
Albino bristlenose plecos - almost gone!!
Dartmouth 12/10/2021
1.25" albino bristlenose plecos for sale. When mature they average somewhere between 3 and 5 inches long. An excellent algae eater and though they like to graze on the algae that grow on all the ...
Very large fire eel
Dartmouth 11/10/2021
Roughly 5 years old and 30inches long I get my license back the end of the month so the funds from him will go towards a car. No I will not donate him I'm semi flexible with the price. You will need ...
20 gal fish tank with fish and all supplies only 2 months old.
Dartmouth 08/10/2021
$200 obo....moving and need gone. Fish are all young. Comes with everything you need! 2 angel fish 2 mollies 4 guppies 1 pleco
30 gallon fish tank with everything but a heater
Dartmouth 07/10/2021
I have a 30 gallon fish tank I would like to sell and is currently running. Comes with a light 70 gallon filter stand and glass top but no heater. Tank does not leak and is in good shape. Will be no ...
Wanted: Free Convict Cichlids
Please Contact
Dartmouth 05/10/2021
I am looking for Convict Cichlids and trying to see if I can get any that someone would be willing to give away. I would really like some pink ones but will take both the black/grey ones and pink ...
Albino Bristlenose Plecos - excellent algae eaters
Dartmouth 03/10/2021
I have a couple of albino bristlenose plecos for sale, male and female both about 3.5" big and are excellent algae eaters. They have bred a few times for me. Besides grazing on tank glass, they also ...
Corner tank for sale
Dartmouth 26/09/2021
Corner tank for sale with complete set up and extras
Orange Glo Tetra
Please Contact
Dartmouth 19/09/2021
I am looking to rehome my orange Glow Tetra. Perfectly healthy, just wanting to thin the herd. Looking for trade for a piece of anubis or a couple neon tetras. Would also sell for $10.
Aquarium 100 Test Strips
Dartmouth 18/09/2021
API Test strips 5 in 1. Ph. no2. no3. KH. CH. Just dip and read. Measures Ph, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carbonate and General Hardness in an aquarium. 100 Test Strips. Brand new sealed packet.
Betta fish & tank
Dartmouth 16/09/2021
I have our beautiful little fish and tank looking for a new home. We have only had it for 6 months, comes with beautiful tank, changing colour light system, filter system, rocks and shark tank decor. ...
Beta & accessories
Dartmouth 15/09/2021
Beautiful Beta for sale. he was in rough shape when I got him, he had no tail but ive nursed him back to health. He’s the absolute sweetest and he gets excited when he sees people and when you talk ...
Planted tank co2
Please Contact
Dartmouth 14/09/2021
Reactor kit just add baking soda citric acid and water then cap and you have co2 injection for your planted tank. 100 bucks Bubble counter 15
Dartmouth 06/09/2021
Aquaclear filter up to 70 Gallon. $40 each.
2 Polar blue parrot fishs looking for new home
Dartmouth 04/09/2021
I am selling my 2 polar blue parrot fishs, in store it will cost you 30$ for each.
33 Gallon fish tank
Dartmouth 03/09/2021
33G Fish tank with hood lights and stand.
Convict Parrot Fish Babies
Dartmouth 02/09/2021
$5.00 each, they are 3 months old. Parents are in the first picture and were bought for $30.00 each.
Salvinia & More!
Dartmouth 02/09/2021
5$ Salvinia- Small Zip lock bag (7x Store Value) 5$ Rotala H’ra-Bunches of Rotala H'ra 5$ Flame Moss-Small Frag (3x Store Value) 5$ Ludwigia Repens 5$ Delivery within 15min & 10$ within 30 minutes of ...
Selling & Trading Crystal Red Shrimp!
Please Contact
Dartmouth 02/09/2021
-6$ea -10 for 50$ -25 for 100$ Will Trade for: 1:1 Bloody Mary's & Painted Fire Reds Neos 1:1 Blue Dream & Velvet Neos 5:1 High Grade Caridinas (Pintos, Red king kongs, Super reds, Blue Tigers) Buy ...
CICHLIDS - I have Convict & Strawberry Peacock CICHLIDS...
Please Contact
Dartmouth 01/09/2021
CICHLIDS - I have Convict & Strawberry Peacock CICHLIDS... ...I also have Strawberry Peacock & Convict hybrids... Various sizes: Small - $1.00 - Largest - $10.00 * Open to trades, also willing to ...
Lake Tanganyika Shell Dwellers
Dartmouth 31/08/2021
I have available some Lake Tanganyikan Shell Dwellers (Species Neolamprologus Multifasciatus), from a well established species-only breeding colony. They are very healthy, and I now have some ready ...
Fresh water fish
Dartmouth 31/08/2021
I have about 10 fresh water fish that need re-homing. Including two tiger barbs $10 each, one angel fish $20, three cichlids. $20 each.
Fish tank and accessories
Dartmouth 30/08/2021
I’m moving and need to rehome my fish and tank. I have 3 glo tetras, shock treatment, chlorine treatment, net, fake plants, tank, stand, filter, heater. Light. Decor and rocks. Take it all for 325 ...
Aquarium Gravel
Dartmouth 29/08/2021
15 Pound bag of mixed aquarium gravel; greens/black/blue/etc. Has been cleaned/dried and weighed at 15.5 lbs. Asking $10, pickup only.
Fish food (NorthFin Betta Pellets)
Dartmouth 29/08/2021
Northfin "Betta Bits" pellet food for betta fish. I have some extra 20g bags of 1mm Betta pellets available. Expire late 2023/Early 2024. 3 are unopened, the 4th was opened about a week ago and is ...
Floating Aquarium Plants / Fish Tank Plants [Large Assortment]
Dartmouth 29/08/2021
I have a large amount of aquarium/fish tank plants available. Check photos for references. Located in Dartmouth near the Penhorn Sobeys. Dwarf Water Lettuce - Currently only two $10 bags available ...
20 gallon fish tank
Dartmouth 21/08/2021
20 or 25 gallon not sure comes with everything you need to keep the tank going and you can also have the fish in the tank if wanted, message for more details
Now taking on unwanted fish.
Please Contact
Dartmouth 21/08/2021
Fish too big for your tanks? Not a problem ! We have a 150 gallon with a 75gallon sump and a 200 gallon with a equal sized sump. No judgements from this keeper as I know all to well what it's like ...
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