Fish for Rehoming in Grande Prairie

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Fish for Rehoming


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    • 55 gal fish tank


      55 gal fish tank


      55 gal fish tank with occupants. Has two aqua clear 70 hob filters,150 watt heater, thermometer, drift wood, rocks, bottom gravel, orniments, bubbler. Center divider is broken will have to be ...

    • Frontosa cichlids!


      Frontosa cichlids!

      Grande Prairie

      I tried to start a colony of frontosas…it is not working well for me. I have one front who is just so mean. It is so unfortunate. I have moved the tank around, I have given plenty of places for ...

    • 40 gallon tank and everything in it.


      40 gallon tank and everything in it.

      Grande Prairie

      Tank Fish Heater Decor Filter air bubbler. Stand around coffee table height. Located in Dawson Creek deliver for a fee

    • 7 mollie fish


      7 mollie fish

      Grande Prairie

      black with silver speckles on their bellies 3 confirmed females 1 confirmed male the other 3 are too small to tell gender. they are around 6 months old 4 of them are around 2 inches the other 3 are ...

    • Fish breeder box


      Fish breeder box

      Grande Prairie

      10"L, 4"W, 4"H Can be divided up into 1,2 or 3 separate chambers where the babies will all be separated from the adults, in the bottom.

    • Top fin automatic fish feeder


      Top fin automatic fish feeder

      Grande Prairie

      Can feed once a day or twice

    • 50 gallon aquarium


      50 gallon aquarium

      Grande Prairie

      Beautiful bow front 50 gallon aquarium with everything you need to get started. -Barley used Aqua Clear 50, with brand new filter media. - Nicrew sky led plus (white, red and blue). -300 watt covered ...

    • Assassin snails


      Assassin snails

      Grande Prairie

      Great tank cleaners. Easy the care for.

    • Bristlenose Plecos


      Bristlenose Plecos


      Locally bred, active, healthy algae eaters. 1” $5ea. 2” $7ea or 3 for $20. Juvenile males with bristles $10ea. Bristlenose Plecostomus: Maximum Size: 4”-6” Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful ...

    • GloFish Tank


      GloFish Tank

      Grande Prairie

      5 gallon tank 4 African Dwarf frogs Betta Fish Dwarf lobster Comes with glow rocks, plants, filters, heater temperature. Unfortunately, I got injured and circumstances; I can't keep it.

    • Fluval Flex 15g


      Fluval Flex 15g

      Grande Prairie

      I have two of these for sale. Both hold water, both filters work. Both need a good clean. I also have heaters for them if needed. Pick up only. 150 for one 250 for both

    • Aquarium plants


      Aquarium plants

      Grande Prairie

      Various plants for sale Done are $5, some are $10

    • Caridina & Neocaridina


      Caridina & Neocaridina

      Grande Prairie

      Cherry neocaridina Blue bolt, red crystal, black crystal caridina 5 for $20

    • Plants, assassin snails, swordtails and guppies


      Plants, assassin snails, swordtails and guppies

      Grande Prairie

      Plants $5 each with exception of sword, Anubis. Large crypt not for sale Swordtails 3 for $10 Assassin snails 3 for $10 Guppies $5

    • Swordtails



      Grande Prairie

      Young kohaku swordtails Also have albino bristlenose pleco, and guppies and plants for sale

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