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Denison Barb aka Roseline Shark- Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 21/05/2022
Moving....Selling for only $$15 incl tax Reg $20 while they last! Text or call me at 250-864-3273 if interested. Lots of other fish, wood and rock available too!
Cardinal Tetras-Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 21/05/2022
Moving $4 ea. incl. tax Reg. $5 Add color and character to your freshwater community tank! Lots of other fish, wood and rock! Text or call me at 250-864-3273 if interested.
Bristlenose plecos $1.00
Penticton 20/05/2022
Juvenile bristlenose plecos 1/2"-1" Have to many and my son is trying to make a bit of money breeding fish. $1.00 each 5 for $4.00
Polar Blue Parrot Chiclid
Kelowna 13/05/2022
About 9 months old, most are just over a toonie in size. They are a social fish therefore there is a minimum of two. Minimum of 20 gallon tank. Text or email only please, located in Kelowna (North ...
Freshwater German Blue Rams
Kelowna 12/05/2022
Reduced to clear as moving! Lots of other fish and plants available as well at below retail pricing including tax! Text or call me at 250-864-3273 to make an appointment for viewing. Unfortunately ...
L129 Columbian Zebra Pleco -Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 12/05/2022
Selling for $30 each while supplies last. Please visit my other ads. Lots of other fish, wood and rock available. If interested, please text me or call 250-864-3273. Thanks for your interest!
Black Ghostknife freshwater tropical fish- Reduced to Sell!
Kelowna 08/05/2022
Moving... $15 incl tax Reg 20 They move like a black ribbon! About 3" A few left while they last! If interested, call or text me at 250-864-3273 Thanks for your interest!
Gold fish
Penticton 07/05/2022
2 white goldfish for sale $15 for both
MOVING>>>Freshwater Tropical Fish....all must go!
Kelowna 06/05/2022
MOVING...PRICED TO CLEAR! Discus, golden roseline denison (shark) , roseline denison (shark), electric blue acara, fahaka puffer, rummy nose, gold tetras, cardinal tetras, german blue rams, bettas, ...
36 gallon bow front aquarium
Kelowna 06/05/2022
36 gallon bow front aquarium in great shape. Stand is not included. Includes everything on pictures: AquaClear 50 filter and all media for it Heater Air pump Decorative stone Thermometer Plug timer ...
3 Free Fish To Good Home
Penticton 01/05/2022
We have three fish that need a good home, 1 plain catfish, 1 spotted catfish and long fin skirt tetra fish. Fish are healthy. Comes with food, 1 live plant, decor, water heater, filters, thermometer, ...
Aquarium Pathos plant … remove algae and nitrate naturally
Kelowna 25/04/2022
pothos plants are so efficient in removing nitrates and other nutrients from the water, they will greatly reduce the algae and can grow a very strong and thick root system, which is an ideal cover ...
L200 Green Phantom Plecos-Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 25/04/2022
Moving $65 incl tax reg 90 These haven't been easy to access...and hard not to fall in love with these gorgeous plecos that grow to 8". L200 green phantom will add a WOW factor to your tank and help ...
L-169Golden Tiger Pleco- Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 25/04/2022
Moving...While they last! $45 incl tax reg 60 If interested, text or call me at 250-864-3273. And please check out my other ads, have lots of different fish, plants, wood and rock.
Assorted Anubias freshwater plants- Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 25/04/2022
Moving....$18incl tax Reg 22 Big pots of lush assorted Anubis freshwater tropical plants! 1 pot easily split into 3 plants! So easy to grow and take care of! Anubias Barteri Anubias Lanceolata ...
Golden Roseline Shark (Denison)- Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 25/04/2022
Moving.... $55 incl tax Reg 60 Freshwater golden roseline denison aka shark. These are absolutely gorgeous! Approx. 3". While they last! If interested text or call me at 250-864-3273. Thanks for your ...
Male Betta $5.00
Penticton 23/04/2022
Due to changing living arrangements, I have to find a good home for my Fancy tail Dragon Scales Male Betta. Approximately one year old. Very healthy and active. Friendly and comes to front of tank ...
Electric blue acara- Reduced to Sell!
Kelowna 15/04/2022
Moving...$20 incl tax Reg 25 Electric blue acaras! Iridescent blue that will wow you! A community fish that is very easy to care for. Call or text 250-864-3273 if interested. Lots of other fish, ...
Flying Fox algae eater-Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 15/04/2022
Moving....$10 incl tax Reg 15 Your tank will be sooooo clean! The Flying Fox, sometimes mistakenly called a Siamese Algae Eater, loves green algae and will grow to about 4.5". Call or text ...
Blue dolphin cichlids. Raised from birth
Please Contact
Penticton 15/04/2022
18 blue dolphin cichlids roughly 11 months old. Raised from birth beautiful fish. Also 30 gallon fish tank with accessories. Make me an offer. Want to see fish grow up
Bristlenose Pleco
Penticton 08/04/2022
1 for 3$, 4-10 for 10$, more then 10 for 20$. 1"-2" young Bristlenose Plecos, will only grow 4"-5" max. Dad is a super red, mom is albino or red marble (some babies from both but they look similar). ...
FREE Three XL Goldfish
Please Contact
Kelowna 02/04/2022
(If the ad is still up, they’re still available.) I have a few very large goldfish which need to be rehomed, they require a pond or a tank of 150 gal. One female (10-12 inches) and two males (8-9 ...
Betta Fish-Reduced to sell!
Kelowna 31/03/2022
Moving...reduced to sell 1 premium half moon betta (blue/white tail) $25 incl tax! Reg $35 1 mustard gas super delta $18 Reg 24 1 solid red super delta $18 Reg 24 Call or text 250-864-3273 if ...
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