Fish for Rehoming in Prince George

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Fish for Rehoming


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    • looking for tropical fish


      looking for tropical fish

      Prince George

      Hello! i'm looking to buy or adopt some fish for a 15 gallon and 30 gallon. I am particularly looking for guppies, tetras, female bettas, catfish and platies. I'm willing to pay up to 4 dollars per ...

    • In search of....


      In search of....

      Prince George

      Greetings, does anyone know of any farm in town or out of town where someone can get fish?

    • Fish for sale


      Fish for sale

      Prince George

      4 large Koi for sale 50.00 each

    • Aquariums



      Prince George

      20g Long, 2 available, never used. Also 2 10g $20ea.

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