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Looking to rehome fish
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Thunder Bay < 7 hours ago
This is a long shot but… I have a female guppy, 8 baby guppies, a sunburst platy and a black platy, and 2 ottos I just keep a small 10 gallon that is currently infected with ich, I don’t have the ...
Looking to trade or sale
Thunder Bay 06/12/2021
Looking for 75s or sale let me know
Rooted Taiwan Lily Cuttings
Thunder Bay 06/12/2021
Rooted Taiwan Lily trimmings taken from my planted aquarium. Five stems for $5.
Water lettuce for sale/trade
Thunder Bay 29/11/2021
$5 a LARGE cup or bag. I have too much! All sizes, I likely won’t part out mother plants but larger plants would be extra. OR trade for other plants, fish, etc just ask! Need some gone please it’s ...
Cichlids for sale
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Thunder Bay 26/11/2021
Juvenile male green terror 3 inch male In good health Paid $25 for him when I bought him at 1 inch Also selling yellow lab In good health 8 dollars
150+ gallon fishtank 1000 obo
Thunder Bay 20/11/2021
150+ gallon tank with 3 aquaclear 110 filters, light, stand, and lid. Heaters have gone and have given me reason to shutdown. Please message for further info
Breeding pair of dogtooth cichlid and electric blue johani.
Thunder Bay 18/11/2021
LSelling pairs for $20 each.
Saltwater tank items
Please Contact
Thunder Bay 15/11/2021
Just dismantled my saltwater reef tank and have some items for sale. Octo Classic 100-HOB protein skimmer with pump that was $350 new - $65. 3 - Fluval Sea CP2 powerheads were $50 each new - $15.00 ...
Mbuna pairs and babies
Thunder Bay 13/11/2021
I have like 2 breeding pairs of yellow lab cichlids and like 30 mbuna babies. I want to sell them as I need to downsize. Also have different types of peacock if interested let me know. I am asking $2 ...
Goldfish for trade
Please Contact
Thunder Bay 09/11/2021
1 orange and white goldfish for trade. Super healthy, just need more room for the bigger ones. Trade for another fish, PM me! Might sell too :) thanks
Duckweed and mystery snails
Thunder Bay 07/11/2021
$10 a bag of duckweed with baby mystery snails that’ll get about the size of a golf ball
Looking for aquarium fish
Please Contact
Thunder Bay 05/11/2021
Let me know what you have and how much $ thank you!
Guppy fish
Thunder Bay 27/10/2021
3 months old. $2 for each.
Aquarium plants and livestock
Thunder Bay 23/10/2021
Going to make one big post. Snails: bladder snails, red/blue/brown/pink ramshorns plants: green rotala, rotala indica, moneywort, pennywort, hornwort, elodea, wisteria, red temple, octopus plant, ETC ...
125g saltwater tear down
Thunder Bay 14/10/2021
Well established tank with healthy livestock . Lots of coral. fish and invertebrate are currently spoken for. Comes with 125g tank, home made stand, sump, hob overflow, return pump, Sicce wave ...
Aquatic snails for sale
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Thunder Bay 12/10/2021
Purple, magenta, blue, gold and jade mystery snails $7 each* Channeled Apple snails $5 each* Marisa snails $15 each* Assorted ramshorns $1 each or $5/bag (guaranteed at least 10 snails) *discounts ...
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