Fish for Rehoming in Thunder Bay

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Fish for Rehoming


Showing 1 - 8 of 8 resultsPage 1 - 8 results

    • Rose Tip Anemone RBTA


      Rose Tip Anemone RBTA

      Thunder Bay

      I have 2 RTBA's available. They are $80 each OBO Lots of Xenia and GSP coral for sale, negotiative.

    •  African cichlids


      African cichlids

      Thunder Bay

      A variety of sizes from 12 and 3 inch African cichlids

    •  Fish tank


      Fish tank

      Thunder Bay

      130 gallon fish tank with pumps and filters

    • Aquarium aquatic plants moss bucephalandra *huge list*


      Aquarium aquatic plants moss bucephalandra *huge list*

      Thunder Bay

      Hey guys, It's JimmyJam the AquaticPlantsMan (APM). I have been aquascaping for over 25 years now and love the grow and share my plants/ shrimp / and fish with my community. Recently I have put up a ...

    •  Mystery Snails


      Mystery Snails

      Thunder Bay

      LOTS AVAILABLE! Thanks for checking out the listing, for our small local buisness Tbay Invertebrates! First come first serve. We have blue ($5), purple ($5), ivory ($6), and magenta ($6). If youre ...

    • Looking for African cichlids


      Looking for African cichlids

      Thunder Bay

      Looking for African cichlids of any kind, pm me! $$ Thanks

    • Red Cherry Shrimp


      Red Cherry Shrimp

      Thunder Bay

      Thank you for checking out our listing for our small local business Tbay Invertebrates. $5 a shrimp or buy 10 get one free. We recommend putting shrimp in an already established fish tank (at least 6 ...

    • Blue emerald angelfish


      Blue emerald angelfish


      Rare blue emerald angel fish 3 for 90$

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