Livestock in Chatham-Kent

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    • Looking for horse hay.


      Looking for horse hay.


      Looking for 12 round bales of good quality grass hay for horses. Will travel up to an hour away from Chatham Kent.

    • Wheat Straw Bales


      Wheat Straw Bales


      40 or more small wheat straw bales for sale, all dry and clean, stored on cement floor as a partition wall, no animal contact. Cash and carry. Delivery available for a fee and paid in advance.

    • Berkshire - Red Wattle Cross Piglets!


      Berkshire - Red Wattle Cross Piglets!


      We have Heritage Breed Berkshire and Berkshire - Red Wattle Cross Piglets for sale. They will be weened and ready to go in early January. We have 20 to choose from, males and females. The males have ...

    • 4x4 Straw Round Bales


      4x4 Straw Round Bales


      4x4 round straw bales for sale $35 per bale Located outside of Thamesville Please call John at 519-809-5593 if interested

    • Silkie Roo

      Please Contact

      Silkie Roo


      Our sweet silkie Roo is looking for new ladies to call his own. We have a large Roo that keeps picking on him so we would love to see him go to a better home where he will not be picked on.

    • Rosters




      Local chickens ( Rosters)

    • Pygmy goats


      Pygmy goats


      I have a group of 5 does and 3 bucks. I’m looking to sell the females and one of the bucks in a group, you can have a choice of which buck you would like. I’m asking $1500 for 5 does and one of the ...

    • Meat Rabbits, live

      Please Contact

      Meat Rabbits, live


      Meat rabbits, mix of Californian, American Chinchilla, Standard Rex. Great tasting meat, average 4-6 pounds when processed. $20 for adults, $10 for younger ones(2left).

    • Lavender Orpington hatching eggs


      Lavender Orpington hatching eggs


      I have pure bred Lavender Orpington Eggs available. There are two bloodlines in this flock. Fertility is very high. Eggs can be shipped, shipping cost is extra. Eggs will be no older than 7 days. ...

    • hay feeder


      hay feeder

      Iona Station

      8 foot hay feeder for cattle.

    • Boer Buck


      Boer Buck


      Large Boer Billy Buck. He is looking for some new girls... keeping some of his offspring well mannered, I can trim his hooves he is well behaved. located 10 mins East of Chatham $1000 He is in full ...

    • Yearling Female Goats


      Yearling Female Goats


      4 Female Goats available. Good for breeding or meat. 3 are boer cross and 1 is Saanen/Alpine 2 sisters with horns are mostly boer. $270 each located 10 mins East of Chatham

    • Female Goats


      Female Goats


      3 young female goats. Born spring 2023. Full sized boer cross breeds. They are just rather small. Be great pets. The 2 brown ones are sisters. Located 10 mins East of Chatham. $180 each

    • Hay Wanted

      Please Contact

      Hay Wanted


      Wanted - Reasonably priced hay . Round bales prefered . but will consider small squares. Please leave quantity for sale and location .

    • ISA brown Pullets for sale


      ISA brown Pullets for sale


      We have 4 ISA brown pullets for sale. $10 each. All females/hens/pullets.. Hatched on September 24th. Will be laying in the new year.

    • Dry Sow Stalls


      Dry Sow Stalls


      Dry Sow Stalls. New in 2008. Made by Poissant. Excellent condition

    • Meat chickens


      Meat chickens


      I have some white rock meat chickens for sale, professionally processed and government inspected, $4.50/lb See last 2 pics for weights available

    • Muscovy hens


      Muscovy hens


      Muscovy hens available, spring hatch $20 each Located south of Brigden

    • Final hatch of the season


      Final hatch of the season


      Hi these are my last hatch of the year..I have 4 olive eggers, 3 copper marans and 2 mixed $8/each All my birds free range and are friendly..including the roosters

    • Wanted muskovy female


      Wanted muskovy female


      Looking for 2 females Can pick up close by** Please send a photo thanks!

    • Pygmy goats


      Pygmy goats


      3 males neutered dewormed and had a vaccine shot. They are 5 months old and pretty friendly. Will not sell lone goats unless you can proof you have at least one other goat at home already as goats ...

    • Hay for sale


      Hay for sale


      Grass hay for sale. 130 bales on one A Nd 60 on the other. ASKING 5.00 per bale

    • Out door stored hay 4x4.5 bales second cut


      Out door stored hay 4x4.5 bales second cut


      Tree foil and orchard grass with some Timothygrass second cut baled dry and stored outside so outside is dark but inside is nice green. Have 15 left to sell 70 $

    • Nigerian Dwarf Goats


      Nigerian Dwarf Goats


      2 Male Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Born in spring 2023. Siblings. Both have been neutered. Purchased as pets for grandchildren. Very friendly. Selling as pair. Do not want to seperate.

    • Rare Mosaic Rooster for Sale


      Rare Mosaic Rooster for Sale


      I have 1 rare mosaic rooster for sale. He’s about 8 months old and hasn’t been aggressive towards me or my family.

    • Quail various colours


      Quail various colours


      25+ quail 3-4 roos Good fertilization/hatch rates during laying season. Many colours (mixed pen: pharoah, white, red range, black, fee gene, celedon). Most of them hatched this spring. Many are 1 ...

    • Pygmy goats


      Pygmy goats


      All neutered males had one vaccine shot and dewormed once. 5 months Price is for each or best offer. Petrolia

    • Spring Boer Goats, Great meat or herd builder. females sold


      Spring Boer Goats, Great meat or herd builder. females sold


      2023 Spring Boer Goats,2 male(bucks) Females all sold. Great for meat or to build goat herd All natural, all healthy and eating hay. Males can be castrated only with deposits. No slaughtering on ...

    • Seeking pilgrim geese (goslings)


      Seeking pilgrim geese (goslings)


      Seeking pure pilgrim geese goslings preferred

    • Looking for hay for our farm animals


      Looking for hay for our farm animals


      Looking for bales or hay to feed our goats and rabbits, the cheaper the better has to be mold free. Cut dosn't matter as long as it's from this year.

    • 500 lb sows


      500 lb sows


      Sows are around 500+ pounds live weight $450 picked up live $1000 if you get 3 Big meat sows for pork. Very affordable method to fill your family's freezers. Probably get 40-50% of live weight of sow ...

    • Chickens for sale


      Chickens for sale


      Amrock rooster $10..sold Golde Wyandotte laced brown chickens $35 each( started laying eggs) Wyandotte black chicken $10 each...sold Lavender Orpington $35 each..few left Ayam Cemani $45 each(laying ...

    • Call ducks


      Call ducks


      I have a beautiful pair of call ducks for sale asking 30 for the set must be sold together

    • Meat rabbits


      Meat rabbits


      I have two rabbits one male and one female great for meat or breeding asking 15 each

    • Free  ducks


      Free ducks


      2 free ducks they are 6 months old email if interested

    • Yardbird Poultry Plucker


      Yardbird Poultry Plucker


      Used once works well please call 519-847-8765

    • Poultry incubator


      Poultry incubator


      Fully automatic. Please call 519-847-5765

    • Walker Combine Straw


      Walker Combine Straw

      Oil Springs

      150-200 bales of 2 Year old straw from walker Combine (straw is longer and not as chewed up as out of a rotor) for sale $6/ bale lots of over 10 year old straw also available $4/ bale never rained on ...

    • Coturnix Quail eggs and chicks, the new  chicken


      Coturnix Quail eggs and chicks, the new chicken


      Located near Thamesville please text or phone Eating Eggs $3.50/ dozen Makes great coloured eggs for Easter with the kids and Grandma too! Hatching Eggs $10.00/ doz $12.00 dozen for 12+ gram eggs ...

    • Fresh Coturnix Quail Eggs, The New Chicken!


      Fresh Coturnix Quail Eggs, The New Chicken!


      I have doubled my flock so that as a rule I can fill orders of Hatching or eating eggs on the same day. Please give me a try! I have lots of different colours that other local breeders recieved from ...