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Point of Lay Hens
Cobble Hill < 8 hours ago
Point of lay hens, just starting to lay, 21 weeks old. Available: 6 Buff Orpington, 2 Cuckoo Maran. These are calm, friendly breeds that make great backyard chickens. Located in Cobble Hill, possible ...
White Leghorn Pullets
Cowichan Valley / Duncan < 21 hours ago
16 week old white Leghorn Pullets. Excellent layers. There are 20 of them for sale. Some will start laying in 2 weeks. Vaccinated for multiple diseases. $18 each. I am in Cobble Hill.
Unique bantam pair
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 02/07/2022
1 year old bantam pair of a very unique Fawn colour. Bantam Leghorn x Bantam Rocks. Hen lays an off white egg daily, and the pair sired chicks of the same colour this year.
2-year-old ewe and her 5-month-old twin lambs
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 24/06/2022
Available individually or together. Raised on organic hay and pasture, with the occasional handful of sheep text. $400 ewe - lambed unassisted and nursed both lambs well. Hair sheep - sheds out ...
Mille Fleur Belgium D'Uccle chicks unsexed
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 24/06/2022
If you would like to be put on a list for chicks in (August possibly) or Sept please email me and I will let you know what month they will be available for you. Rare~ish hard to find beautiful Mille ...
Whole Lamb
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 22/06/2022
Whole lamb cut and wrapped by a licensed abattoir. Pasture raised and delicious sweet meat . No pesticides used on the property, no hormones. A sheltered barn and clean pastures, and well cared for ...
Baby Goat Nigerian 2
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 20/06/2022
300 each baby / 2 months old / can deliver depends how far + gas pls text 2508150917 for viewing located in duncan and i have also for sale bug goat to butcher
Organico  Fresh  Farm  Eggs
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 19/06/2022
farm fresh eggs 6 per dozen pick up Accent Inn Hotel Victoria pls txt 2508150917 meet at the lobby
Eggs  Organic Fresh
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 19/06/2022
i have 10 dozen of fresh eggs Organic please txt 2508150917 Pick up at Accent Inn Victoria Hotel... meet You at the lobby
Barred Rock LF Breeding Group
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 18/06/2022
Purebred show quaility breeding group of Barred Rocks. 1 or 2 Roosters birds and 4 Hens. All sired chicks this year and have had great fertility. We are just getting out of the breed
Beautiful year old male duck
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 12/06/2022
Really beautiful large hand raised duck. I have too many boys for my ladies. Cobble hill. He was born saint Patrick’s day, his name is Lucky! These guys are great slug and bug eaters for your garden.
Cow s with calf’s
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 10/06/2022
Herford cross limousine cows and calves 2500$for each pair
Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale!
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 07/06/2022
2.5 month old Flemish Giant rabbits (with a little bit of New Zealand x California in them) for sale. We got a breeding trio last year and they have been doing wonderfully for us. Wonderful meat or ...
Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale!
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 07/06/2022
2.5 month old Flemish Giant rabbits (with a little bit of New Zealand x California in them) for sale. We got a breeding trio last year and they have been doing wonderfully for us. Wonderful meat or ...
Ancona Ducks for sale 5 absolute beauties at 7 weeks old
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 03/06/2022
5 beautiful Ancona ducks for sale unsexed at 7 weeks old. 20.00 each. Located in Duncan
Buff Brahma Bantam Chicks (unsexed)SOLD
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 31/05/2022
* ~SOLD~ Can take orders for Buff Brahma Bantam chicks. $12 each. These (hard to find) chickens are wonderful Bantam versions of the Gentle Giant ~Brahmas. These are beloved chickens to those who ...
Hatching eggs
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 27/05/2022
HATCHING EGGS! Coturnix Quail - $10/doz Bantam mix - $25/doz (silkie roo on frizzle, smooth, and cochin hens) Bronze Turkey - $20/doz (one royal palm x bronze hybrid in the bunch) Mystery duck pack - ...
Lop for sale
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 26/05/2022
White and black one ear up one ear down very cuddly
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 25/05/2022
Father is a silkie, hens are a mix of smooth bantam, frizzle, and blue Cochin. Pick up in Maple Bay. Minimum 3 per purchase
1 year old purebred holland lop bunny
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 25/05/2022
1 year old holland lop bunny
Dexter Cattle
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 22/05/2022
Dexter cattle as a small duel purpose Irish cow ideal for the small farm. Cows, Bred heifers, cow/calf pairs bulls/steers, heifers are available for sale. please contact for more information
6 POL hens
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 17/05/2022
I bought to many hens and don’t want as many as I have. Prob 18-20 weeks old. Beaks are clipped and have had vaccinations.$20 each 6 hens available
Succulent Ossabaw Island Hogs - CLOSING SALE Rare opportunity!
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 15/05/2022
MILL BAY - Rare breed - Ossabaw Island Free-Range Hogs! *******FOR SALE EVERY SECOND SUNDAY UNTIL THEY ARE GONE****** These are free range with a nice temperament. The meat has exceptional qualities ...
Lambs, Suffolk x Southdown
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 15/05/2022
Suffolk /Southdown lamb, free range, excellent form, excellent temperaments. One ewe and one wether avl Sept 1. Breeding ram also available Dec 1.
Icelandic Lambs
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 13/05/2022
We have several ram lambs available for new pastures after weaning. Not registered, but pure Icelandic lineage. Considered a 'triple purpose' sheep. Excellent long wool quality, ewes make good ...
Proven Does with this years doelings
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 12/05/2022
Boer (Solid brown) Born Spring 2020 - Coco ($300) Boer x Mytonic doeling Born Feb 4 2022 ($150) Alpine x Lamancha Born Spring 2020 - Jumping Bean ($300) Alpine Lamancha x Mytonic Boer doeling Born ...
Sheep for sale
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 11/05/2022
St. Croix sheep for sale. Ewes, rams and lambs available $275 each. Email call or text for more details. Kara 2508482660
2  - 2 year old guinea pigs with cage and feed
Cowichan Valley / Duncan 08/05/2022
2 guinea pigs with cage and 3-4 months of feed
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