Livestock in Tricities/Pitt/Maple

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    • 5 Khaki Campbell Duck Drakes


      5 Khaki Campbell Duck Drakes

      Pitt Meadows

      5 Khaki Campbell drakes. Hatched in May. Good temperament, raised with dogs and children. $50 for the group of 5.

    • Breeding pair of Bantam cochin chickens


      Breeding pair of Bantam cochin chickens

      Maple Ridge

      Hen plus rooster. 3 month old. Purebred, good quality Bantam Cochins. Hen is Mottled color, rooster either the same color or calico color (you decide which one you want).

    • Young Easter egger chickens


      Young Easter egger chickens

      Maple Ridge

      2 month old Easter egger chickens, unsexed, fed only organic and non gmo food. You can pick which one you like $30 ea. Min 2 to purchase Pick up in Maple Ridge

    • Indian runner hen ducks


      Indian runner hen ducks

      Maple Ridge

      Young ducks available, $40 ea, diffrent colors, not sure of breedes. I have males and females available. Fed organic and non gmo grains Pick up in Maple Ridge

    • Americauna Mix Rooster


      Americauna Mix Rooster


      Likely an Americauna Wyandotte mix? Four months old. Make me an offer.

    • Shetland Mix Ewes Lambs and Rams


      Shetland Mix Ewes Lambs and Rams

      Port Coquitlam

      Born in March. Come from good mothers and all are twins. Dog broke, and work nicely off a dog. $150 a head

    • Dappled Boer Buck Goat


      Dappled Boer Buck Goat


      This big guy is Albert. He is a proven breeder and has thrown us lots of dappled kids this year and following years. He will be three this coming February (2024). Albert is such a friendly charming ...

    • Goats for sale

      Please Contact

      Goats for sale

      Maple Ridge

      Breeding does 1.5 years old, young does under 1 year, few weather, $300 to $500. Good land clearing, very friendly animals.

    • 3 kiko boer nannies

      Please Contact

      3 kiko boer nannies

      Maple Ridge

      3 kiko boer nannies 100 lbs (one will breed soon) all are pregnant $400 each

    • Five nice lambs

      Please Contact

      Five nice lambs

      Maple Ridge

      Five nice lambs (one male, 4 does) ¥350 each. 5 for $1400

    • FREE chickens and goats

      Please Contact

      FREE chickens and goats

      Maple Ridge

      Free chickens and goats, first come first serve, I’m downsizing and dont have the room, please call for details My # 7786948997

    • 5 weeks old group of chicks


      5 weeks old group of chicks

      Maple Ridge

      10 chicks, most are Ameraucana and Easter Eggers. $200 foe all 10 or $25 ea Unsexed, off heat. Pick up in Maple Ridge

    • Saanen milk goat family  (Maple Ridge)

      Please Contact

      Saanen milk goat family (Maple Ridge)

      Maple Ridge

      Saanen milk goat family One buck(130lbs) 450$ One nanny (90lbs) 400$ and her kid doe 200$ One nanny (90lbs) pregnant will breed in few months 450$

    • Pigeon and poultry supplies


      Pigeon and poultry supplies


      Feeds; Economy mix Premium mix Red lentils Split yellow peas Wheat Calcium and grits; Oyster shell Red Pigeon grit Pick blocks Mix mineral grit Supplements; Ropa B Beyer Alltech Actigen Pigeon ...

    • Nubian doe


      Nubian doe

      Maple Ridge

      Adult Nubian doe for rehoming. Very sweet and friendly, loves people more than other goats. Great personality, has been used as a pack goat. Black with white. Had twins last year, easy to breed and ...

    • Narragansett Turkey Tom needs new home


      Narragansett Turkey Tom needs new home

      Maple Ridge

      We are very sad to be looking for a new home for our purebreed Narragansett turkey tom. He's beautiful, healthy, easy to handle, hand raised. He is part of a mixed flock, pretty easy going but will ...

    • Boer Buck goat


      Boer Buck goat


      Super friendly buckling born end of March 2023.

    • Silkie Roosters


      Silkie Roosters


      Have two speckled silkie Roos for sale. $10 each 13 weeks (3 months and a week)

    • Selling Entire Flock


      Selling Entire Flock


      Selling flock. About 20 hens, some pullets, 3 roosters. Breeds include Barred Rock, Faverolles, Silver- Laced Wyandotte, Ameracauna, Houdan, Bantam Cochin, and Barnyard Mix Located in Maple Ridge. ...

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