Other Pets for Rehoming in Kingston Area

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Other Pets for Rehoming


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    • Lion mane rabbits


      Lion mane rabbits


      Three lion mane doe rabbits "Echo" (pic 1-4) is extremely friendly and well handled. Loves people. The other two does (pic 5) are Echo's kits. Buck was a dwarf Rex.

    • 2 year old bearded dragon


      2 year old bearded dragon


      We are looking to rehome Biggie. He is 2 years old and very sweet. We snuggle with him and handfeed him all the tine. He loves raw veggies and live worms. We are sad to rehome him but between work, ...

    • Dwarf Rabbits


      Dwarf Rabbits


      Two Netherland dwarf/Lionhead baby rabbits, one male and one female. 13 weeks old aprox. Would make an excellent pet. They are very sweet and love their run time outdoors.

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