Other Pets for Rehoming in Kitchener / Waterloo

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Other Pets for Rehoming


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  • Guinea pig


    Guinea pig

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    Albino guinea pig for sale. Comes with everything.

  • Mini Rex Rabbit - Rehoming


    Mini Rex Rabbit - Rehoming

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    I’m looking to rehome this sweet boy. He is a mini rex rabbit (so he will stay this size for the rest of his life!) He was a rescue so I believe he’s around a year old. I rescued him primarily ...

  • Male Lop Bunny - 5 months old


    Male Lop Bunny - 5 months old

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    Meet Bailey! The friendliest bunny you will ever meet! He loves head and nose pets, cuddles, will do tricks for treats, zoomies, flopping, and so much more. He is 5 months old, a holland lop, all ...

  • Bunnys & accessories


    Bunnys & accessories

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    2 female bunnys 6 months old. They are social and curious. They come together with the cage, food, bols, toy and everything They need. I don't have the time anymore to take care of theses adorable ...

  •  Ball python


    Ball python

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    5 year old male wild type ball python. He is very sweet and gentle, has never bitten. Loves food & takes m frozen rats like a champ! Loves to cuddle. I have to remhome him due to personal issues and ...

  • Fertilized duck eggs for sale; Welsh-Harlequin


    Fertilized duck eggs for sale; Welsh-Harlequin


    Each fertilized duck egg is $4. A dual purpose duck with an adorable personality.

  • Older pair of Ring tail lemurs


    Older pair of Ring tail lemurs

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    The right home has not been found yet ,yes they are available Older pair of ringtail lemurs looking to retire and join there forever family . We please ask you do your own research on legal ownership ...

  • Baby Beardies for Sale!


    Baby Beardies for Sale!

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    We still have 7 baby Beardies ready for rehoming! Well cared-for, socialized and hand-fed with live insects and fresh veggies daily. They were hatched in October of 2023 $150.00 each Please text at ...

  • Unwanted/ Surrendered Pets Rescue!


    Unwanted/ Surrendered Pets Rescue!

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    Hello! I run a small animal rescue and am currently taking in new rescues! Wether the animal must be surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances, or they are ill, I am happy to take them on! If they ...

  • Sully the ferret


    Sully the ferret

    Kitchener / Waterloo

    I’m super upset to post this, but as a new university student I can’t afford nor have the attention to give my little buddy the home he deserves. He’s almost 4! He has his vet papers as he’s both ...

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