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  • Brand New Kids 20” Bike


    Brand New Kids 20” Bike


    For Sale Brand New Kids 20” Bike…NAKAMURA MEYOU 20 with additional bottle holder and bell added when purchased. Never Used…Bike was purchased in the fall and my daughter has outgrown it already. ...

  • Poo clean up


    Poo clean up


    Dog poo clean up 50$ for the first hour if need more time for a big job it is 70$ Text or call 587-991-9144

  • Water Heater - Electric


    Water Heater - Electric


    ☘️ Pickup location - Pipestone Alberta ☘️ James Carter Limited Electric Water Heater *Model: E150 *Watts: 1500 Used condition Used it for many years and it works well. Please call, not text, ...

  • Orage Isopod Colony


    Orage Isopod Colony


    Porcellionides pruinosus, orange isopod colony. Around 50.

  • Giant Canyon Isopod Colony


    Giant Canyon Isopod Colony


    Porcellio dilatatus, Giant canyon isopod colony. They are large, love to burrow deep into substrate and are avid leaf and wood eaters. A great hobby for children They keep terrariums nice and clean. ...

  • Isopods-Dairy Cows-Moooo


    Isopods-Dairy Cows-Moooo


    Porcellio laevis. I am parting with my dairy cow isopod colony, at minimum 200 pods in the colony, excluding babies. It is a happy, vibrant colony, they eat fresh veggies, fish flakes, leaves and ...

  • Partial Barn Rental


    Partial Barn Rental


    Putting some feelers out for a partial barn rental to the right trainer. Pricing can be worked around the size of group interested. Below are details of available facilities: •6-10 Stalls (depending ...

  • Bunnies for sale


    Bunnies for sale


    I have 3 giant Flemish rabbits for sale & 7 Rex x Dutch Lop they are 2 months old 25$ each

  • Small Cat tree 35$


    Small Cat tree 35$


    I am selling a small cat tree that is in great condition. It did the job when my cats were really small but once again, they are too big for this (20lb cats). Has scratching posts, a little basket ...

  • Cat Tree (9 feet) floor to ceiling 45$ each


    Cat Tree (9 feet) floor to ceiling 45$ each


    I have 2 floor to ceiling cat trees that are 9 feet tall with a plastic attachment that lets them fit snugly to a ceiling that is a bit higher than 9 feet (almost another foot). You can also take one ...

  • Wooden indoor/outdoor cathouse


    Wooden indoor/outdoor cathouse


    I have an indoor/outdoor cat house for sale. It has an asphalt roof to protect the inhabitants from rain (if you have it outdoors). It is really great, and the top opens up for easy access. The ...

  • Big bird cage


    Big bird cage


    Big bird cage 50$

  • 2 nice look quail M&F


    2 nice look quail M&F

    Northeast Edmonton

    will lay eggs soon I got some egg but no sure the female I sale one set M&F birds a set of 2 birds $100 firm cash I may will sale 1 M 2 F $150 cash firm 150 for 3 birds

  • Dog carseat


    Dog carseat


    Outward Hound carseat for extra small to small dogs $20

  • 1961 Pontiac users guide


    1961 Pontiac users guide


    Offers email skuba@shaw.ca

  • Probiotic Reef Salt for Aquarium


    Probiotic Reef Salt for Aquarium

    Southwest Edmonton

    Mostly completely full 22kg bucket of salt for your reef tank. Bottom bucket is for sale only.

  • Led Lighting System for Aquarium


    Led Lighting System for Aquarium

    Southwest Edmonton

    Maxspect LED Lighting System The Razor X Lighting system is designed to provide all ranges of color spectrum required by corals and plants to enhance their growth rate, improve their coloration and ...

  • Larg dog crate


    Larg dog crate


    Larg Dog crate 42×30×28 100$

  • Mystery snails


    Mystery snails


    Hobbyist bred and raised

  • Rabbit poop manure


    Rabbit poop manure


    Rabbit manure $15 per bag for pick up only

  • Turkey eggs and poults!


    Turkey eggs and poults!


    Turkey eggs and poults availiable. Narragansett/red bourbon cross. Both are great meat breeds! Poults-$17 newly hatched + $1 per week Eggs $80 per dozen or $8 per egg. Availiable for pickup south of ...

  • Coral Frags


    Coral Frags


    Coral frags for sale Forest Fire Purple Bonsai Zoas Mushrooms

  • Hay or straw chopper shredder

    Please Contact

    Hay or straw chopper shredder

    North Central Edmonton

    With the price of hay these days..., We're sharing with all of you small farmers out there... -we've tried out a way to make our hay go farther – we made the winter on less than our usual purchase of ...





    Hello there I am looking for somewhere in Edmonton/Spruce/Sherwood Park to come work and help out with horses no matter what the work so long as I can just be around them I'm a happy camper!! Also ...

  • Dairy Cow Isopods!


    Dairy Cow Isopods!


    Dairy cow isopods! These are ideal starter pods, they are hardy, easy to feed and prolific breeders. They make great healthy feeders for reptiles who take a liking to them. Start your colony with ...

  • Colony of Springtails!


    Colony of Springtails!


    These cleaner insects are great for bioactive terrariums, potted plants and more! White Springtails 'Folsomia candida' Colonies $10 each for regular 1.5 x 4.5 inch size, or small 1x1 inch for $5 Text ...

  • 25 sherp


    25 sherp


    They are pregnant for approximately 100 days