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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in City of Halifax

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


Results 1 - 16 of 16

    • Crested geckos


      Crested geckos


      I have several juvenile crested geckos available, several morphs. Prices from $60 to 225 ea. See my other ad for Lilly whites.

    • African Fat tailed Geckos


      African Fat tailed Geckos


      1 female oreo Zulu African fat tail gecko available for $275. 1 juvenile oreo Zulu for $300, temp sexed for male 2 unsexed Zulu for $300 ea, looking female 1 Zulu het patternless, $250 1 juvenile ...

    • Cave geckos, Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis


      Cave geckos, Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis


      I have a group of 2.0.2 juvenile Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis available. $200 each or $700 for all 4.

    • Pumpkin, leopard geckos:


      Pumpkin, leopard geckos:


      1.3 juvenile "pumpkin" leopard geckos (Mandarin tangerine x blood emerine). Adults have high percentage of orange coverage. $160-200 ea.

    • Isopods, various species


      Isopods, various species


      Starter colonies available: Powder orange, 15 for $15 Dairy cow, 15 for $15 Zebra, 15 for $25 Magic potion, 15 for $25 Rubber duckies, 12 for $150

    • Lilly White Crested Geckos


      Lilly White Crested Geckos


      Lilly white crested gecko juveniles hatchlings $200-275 ea. Canada-wide.

    • 3 year old male banana mojave ball python


      3 year old male banana mojave ball python


      About 4 and a half feet long, eats frozen thawed rats, handled frequently. My financial situation has drastically changed and i need to downsize my collection. He's a beautiful docile boy and ready ...

    • 2023 Ball Pythons

      Please Contact

      2023 Ball Pythons


      **Located in NB**Contact for Shipping Rates** We currently have a wonderful selection of ball pythons from our 2023 breeding season that are ready to find new loving homes. All snakes listed are ...

    • Palmetto Cornsnake Hatchlings!


      Palmetto Cornsnake Hatchlings!


      Hello! Please read the whole add. We have plenty of palmetto hatchlings available! We also have 100% hets abailable if you’re interested to add Discount on multiple animals Price for a palmetto is ...

    • Ball Python BIG LIST

      Please Contact

      Ball Python BIG LIST


      All hatchling will be well established on Frozen thawed rat before departure, Payment plan is available with a 20% deposit to hold the animal Located in MONCTON, NB - Pickup Or Delivery through East ...

    • Female Pastel Phantom het Clown


      Female Pastel Phantom het Clown


      Subadult female Pastel Phantom het Clown. Eats FT rats with no problem. Just making room for some holdbacks Located in Moncton but can ship

    • Melanogaster Fruit fly cultures


      Melanogaster Fruit fly cultures


      Tired of high shipping prices for your feeder cultures? Have your culture suddenly crash and need some help? I maintain and start melanogaster and springtail cultures for my own animals and would be ...

    • Mourning geckos


      Mourning geckos


      Have some juvenile mourning geckos available. $80 each

    • Feeder Crickets


      Feeder Crickets


      Feeder crickets and other feeder insects ordered in every 2 weeks. Crickets 12 = $2.20 25 = $3.11 50 = $4.80 100 = $6.50 250 = $12.35 500 = $19.50 1000 = $28 Superworms 50 = $5.45 100 = $9.35 250 = ...

    • Black night leopard geckos


      Black night leopard geckos


      Llack night leopard geckos available. 5 females, 1 juvenile temperature sexed for female. Individually priced from $400 to $850.

    • Boa for sale


      Boa for sale


      1.5yr old boa, unfortunately moving and won't be able to keep him. Msg for details

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