Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


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    • Bearded Dragon


      Bearded Dragon

      Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

      Looking to rehome my bearded dragon. I am not exactly sure his age but I would guess around 3-4 years old. I got him as a rescue and he was very neglected. He could hardly walk and was very skinny. ...

    • Ball Python


      Ball Python

      Black Creek

      3-4 foot ball python. Comes with 40 gallon tank, heat lamp, and heat mat.

    • Gargoyle Geckos


      Gargoyle Geckos

      Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

      Various young healthy gargoyle Geckos Eating Pangea Available for new homes $150ea Message for details PU Downtown courtenay

    • Reptiles



      Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

      Cornsnakes & kingsnakes Various morphs Amel Anery Palmetto Normal corn het palmetto Salmon snow Snow motley, tessera, & stripe Mexican Black kingsnake Flame brooks Hypo flame brooks Colombian Boa ...

    •  gargoyle  gecko


      gargoyle gecko

      Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

      Male juvenile looking for new digs

    • Flightless Fruitfly Cultures, BioActive supplies, reptiles


      Flightless Fruitfly Cultures, BioActive supplies, reptiles

      Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

      Flightless Fruitfly Cultures (D. melanogaster) in full bloom PU Comox Valley Also have... ~Springtail cultures ~Peanut beetle Cultures ~Bioactive kits and supplies ~Plants ~All types of critters ...

    • Palmetto Cornsnake


      Palmetto Cornsnake

      Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland

      ~Palmetto cornsnakes $800ea ~het Palmetto cornsnakes $150ea Eating ft pinky mice

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