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Results in Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Peterborough Area

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Beaverton < 20 hours ago
Started breeding rats for my snakes... Have extras , I can sell a few live but I have mostly frozen... I have weans and smalls, and a few mediums... Weans 25 - 50 grams $2, Smalls 50 - 100 grams $3 ...
Large female royal ball python
Kawartha Lakes 18/03/2023
Large female ball python she's around 4 and half feet! Has been handled alot very tamed. Open for trades as well
Red foot tortoise baby’s
Kawartha Lakes 18/03/2023
Two baby red foot tortoises avalible, 550 each or can be sold as package with 4x2x1.5 enclosure for $1300! Come with everybting you need! Baby’s eat great are super healthy and love to interact. Will ...
Albino Boa
Kawartha Lakes 18/03/2023
Female sunglo het anery Colombian red tailed boa. Absolute fabulous Eater, great at handling, loves to explore. She can be sold by herself or with cage. Cage is pvc enclosure, comes with ...
Hognose female
Kawartha Lakes 18/03/2023
1.5 year old female western hognose andaconda Het albino, great eater, is a little sassy but only hissed, never strikes and always has great sheds. Sold with everybting you need including decorations ...
Crested Gecko Babes - Over 20!!
Peterborough 18/03/2023
Mugcy's Morphs Crested Gecko Baby SALE Over 20 to choose from IGGY Red Flame, 6 grams, Possible FEMALE! .....SOLD! COAL Partial Pinstripe Harlequin, 5 grams, NOW $50! RAZZI Partial Pinstripe ...
Lilly White Crested Gecko, Poss Female
Peterborough 18/03/2023
"RIVER" Gorgeous LILLY WHITE Crested Gecko Possible FEMALE Bred at Mugcy's Morphs, "BIG DADDY" offspring (last 2 pics) who started out looking just like RIVER Her patterning is just starting to ...
Rtb Pair of crested geckos
Kawartha Lakes 18/03/2023
Selling my pair of crested geckos male and female. Morph pinstripe harlequin.
African Bull Frog
Peterborough 18/03/2023
Male ABF roughly a year old now. Healthy and eating very well. $300 all in 40 gallon Breeder Heat pad Plants Bath Worm dish
Hi there I’m selling my lizard with tank it’s a 30 gallon
Peterborough 17/03/2023
Yes I there I’m selling my lizard with tank it’s a 30 gallon tank with opening front on glass asking 2O0 or best offer moiving and can’t take it with me comes with light and food and a hide away for ...
Gecko for sale male and female
Please Contact
Buckhorn 15/03/2023
I got 2 gecko I am asking 350 obo for pair of them comes with there tank. Heating pad. Dishes. Worms fake plants. Comes with there sand
Female Coffee Pacman FRoog!
Peterborough 14/03/2023
Asking $50 for her. Healthy and eating well.
Gargoyle geckos, sale prices!
Kawartha Lakes 13/03/2023
High end bloodline gargoyle geckos. UK x Northern Gecko. Need to make room, will keep them up at this price for a couple weeks before offering to pet store. Pictures 1-4 Red and orange stripe ...
Bearded dragon
Peterborough 13/03/2023
Was hoping that after a couple months we could build a relationship but he has continued to not like being touched or interacted with. Hoping to find someone he can be happy with or at least find ...
Pending- red eye tree frog
Peterborough 10/03/2023
Probably under a year old, not 100% if a male or a juvenile female (never hear him call but he is pretty small). Moving and trying to downsize :) I also have a female bel bp for sale in another ad if ...
Axolotl Eggs and Babies for sale by local Breeder
Peterborough 08/03/2023
In about a month we will have baby Axolotls for sale These adorable pets are funny and low maintenance Eggs are $5.00 each or 5 for $ 20.00 Babies are $40.00 each or 2 for $55.00 Find us on Facebook ...
trade greenbottle blue for  old samsung
Please Contact
Fraserville 07/03/2023
have an old samsung kicking around? doesnt even matter if the screen is broken as long as the phone still works internally. im willing to trade a young greenbottle blue tarantula for yours as long as ...
trade curly hair tarantula for old samsung
Please Contact
Fraserville 07/03/2023
have an old samsung kicking around? doesnt even matter if the screen is broken as long as the phone still works internally. im willing to trade a adult female curly hair tarantula for yours as long ...
trade tarantula for broken screen old samsung
Please Contact
Fraserville 07/03/2023
have an old samsung kicking around? doesnt even matter if the screen is broken as long as the phone still works internally. im willing to trade an indian ornamental tarantula for yours as long as it ...
Ball Pythons for Sale
Please Contact
Peterborough 06/03/2023
Letting these babies go for decent prices Hatchlings 1.0 Pastel het Clown $80 0.1 Pastel Spotnose Blade het Clown $225 Juvie 1.0 Banana Mojave $200 PB 0.1 Pastel Lesser/Butter Pinstripe $400
PVC enclosures plus 3 ball pythons and 1 boa
Please Contact
Fenelon Falls 05/03/2023
Pvc enclosures are in mint condition no scratches. Top and bottom enclosures only a few months old and are split enclosures with there own locking doors, perfect size for ball pythons. Middle ...
Two 3 Year old redfoot tortoises with enclosure
Little Britain 05/03/2023
hello there i am saddened to have to let go of my 2 -3 year old redfoot tortoises. i have raised them since hatchlings, both eat fantastic and have smooth shell growths. they are bathed once a week ...
Ivory Ball Python.. BEST TEMPERAMENT!!
Peterborough 04/03/2023
This snake is an absolute sweetheart, loves coming out and being held! Loves to eat has a good apatite for frozen thawed small rats weekly, 1 year old and female! WouId make an amazing breeder but an ...
2 year old Northern Blue Tongue Skink
Peterborough 04/03/2023
Bowser is a well loved BTS, originally from tails and scales i was told.. he has the sweetest temperament, even letting you help get stuck shed off his toes lol great apatite i just don't have $ and ...
Salmon BCI 8 years old!
Peterborough 03/03/2023
Hecate was sold to me when she was just 2 years old. She has been an amazing pet and I love her with all my heart.. but she's getting a bit heavy for me to hold regularly (as I have chronic pain ...
Bearded dragon!
Northumberland County 03/03/2023
Sadly I’m selling this cool gal Fred due to not having Enough time to spend with her. She’s super curious and very friendly. She loves to just hangout with you on your shoulder while you do things ...
African dwarf froggos
Peterborough 03/03/2023
⭐️PENDING⭐️ Male and female African dwarf frogs Asking $50 for them and their little tank
Yellow Phantom Tiger Adult Male Crestie - incl tank
Peterborough 02/03/2023
I’m rehoming my lovely male crested gecko! I have one adult yellow phantom tiger male. Being sold with the Exo Terra enclosure, some Pangea food, and other tank decors. The setup has good foliage and ...
Red knee Mexican Tarantula
Please Contact
Uxbridge 28/02/2023
G5 years. With tank and heat pad Uxbridge Ontario
Banana Enchi pos het Clown Male
Kawartha Lakes 26/02/2023
Banana Enchi 66% possible het Clown Ball Python $100
Looking for tarantulas (trade or buy)
Please Contact
Norwood 26/02/2023
Looking for new worlds, dont have the most money to spend and would like to focus on trades
Variable Kingsnake
Kawartha Lakes 26/02/2023
Beautiful young male Variable kingsnake. Eating f/t mouse fuzzies.
Boaedon lineatus
Striped house snake
Kawartha Lakes 26/02/2023
Selling this male as he does not fit in with my breeding plans. Beutiful striped young male eating f/t mouse fuzzies. $100
Brand new Thrive 23 Watt 10.0 uvb bulb
Peterborough 21/02/2023
Thrive 23 watt 10.0 uvb bulb. Only turned it on for about 2 mins to make sure it worked then never used it again. Normally about $35 brand new. Pickup or meetup in north end of Peterborough.
Ball Python
Peterborough 21/02/2023
Hi my name is Hermes’ I am over 3 years old and and wiry of new people but extremely nice, I haven’t snapped at anyone and I am very cuddly
Breeder female pastel ball python OBO
Peterborough 20/02/2023
Friendly, never misses a meal, sheds good and is breeding size. 1700 grams. My loss your gain! Just don't have the room or time! OBO no trades
Rescued Het piebald ball python female! Breeding size! OBO
Peterborough 20/02/2023
This girl I rescued from a neglect situation where she had mouth rot and damage to her mouth.. she was seen by a vet and treated with betadine on her mouth. She is completely healed and ready for her ...
Male and female bearded dragons
Curve Lake 17/02/2023
Awesome bearded dragons $300 for both male and female and all accessories. We are mpoving and unfortunately have no space to keep them :(
Grey baby bearded dragon
Kawartha Lakes 17/02/2023
Not as fiesty as she looks, Growing well and eats everything I give her. Happy usually lol Pm for more info Dragon only
Blue bar bearded dragon
Kawartha Lakes 17/02/2023
Beautiful little girl, Was going to keep her but I have too many projects rn. Eats like a champ Pm for more info Dragon only
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