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Corn Snakes
Summerside 02/07/2022
Okatee, regular and albino corn snakes....hatched 3 weeks ago....shed n fed
California King Snake babies
Summerside 02/07/2022
2 hatched, California king snakes het albino....$75-100 each
Crazy Gene Line Honduran Milksnake
Charlottetown 28/06/2022
Beautiful aberrant 2020 female. Eating frozen/thawed rodents any day of the week! The Crazy Genes are pure Lampropeltis t. hondurensis (Honduran Milk Snakes)... not intergrades! Described on pages ...
Crazy Gene Honduran Milksnake
Charlottetown 26/06/2022
Wonderful aberrant male 2021 Honduran Milksnake, pure bred Crazy Gene Line! This line truly brings out exceptional and fantastic patterns. Rare to find! Pictures 4 and 5 are the parents and picture 6 ...
Reptile enclosure
Summerside 25/06/2022
I have a reptile terrarium 12 x 12 x12, front opens, screened top, comes with background, food dish hide and two light bulbs. In great shape. Message for more info
Corn Snake
Charlottetown 23/06/2022
Corn snake, about 3 years old. He seems small for his age, and is very shy. I love the little guy but I just don't have time to pay attention to him as much as I should these days! He has a pretty ...
Male crested gecko
Charlottetown 18/06/2022
Proven breeder male gecko, approx 4 years old
Reptibreeze Assembled Terrariu.
Charlottetown 12/06/2022
This is a brand new never used terrarium (the plastic on the front is still on). We assembled it and realized shortly afterwards that it isn't the correct thing for me. It is 18x18x30 Inches, comes ...
Ball python
Charlottetown 02/06/2022
Looking to rehome my 4 year old female. She is very calm and chill.$250 tank included
Charlottetown 31/05/2022
Variety of tarantula available at Monarch Reptiles Starting at 25.99$ ** we can deliver to your door check on the website for more info. Click here to see ...
Ball Pythons
Please Contact
Charlottetown 28/05/2022
0.1 = Female 1.0 = Male All hatchling will be well established on Frozen thawed rat before departure & very well documented since birth.Payment plan is available with a 20% deposit to hold the animal ...
Anery yearling boa
Summerside 09/05/2022
I have a yearling anery boa for sale 250$ obo . 70 gal enclosure . Lid. Heat pad. Hides. Substrate . Logs . And some rats . Hes very nice . Used to handling everyday . My daughter handles him often ...
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