Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Regina

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


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    • Wanted: mature male redfoot tortoise


      Wanted: mature male redfoot tortoise


      I am looking for a mature confirmed male red foot tortoise or a confirmed mature pair of red foot tortoises. Located in Regina but will travel and/or ship if needed.

    • ISO Tomato Frog


      ISO Tomato Frog


      I am looking for 1-3 tomato frogs. Located just outside Regina, Saskatchewan. I am willing to pay for shipping or make the drive! Let me know what you have!

    • High Quality Snakes Produced With Pride

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      High Quality Snakes Produced With Pride


      Proud producers of high quality Pythons and Boa. All our snakes are established eaters on frozen thawed prey items and come with a laminated certificate of origin and genetics. We are pleased to ...

    • 2 Tarantulas for sale


      2 Tarantulas for sale


      The bigger one is a curly hair tarantula and the other one is a small Mexican red rump 45 for the curly hair and 25 for the red rump

    • Ball python hatchling


      Ball python hatchling


      This little girl is looking for a new home. She eats very well on frozen thawed rats. Handled lots and very calm. Her genes are pastel fire orange dream clown. She is even prettier in person. I am ...

    • Ball python hatchlings


      Ball python hatchlings


      I have a couple of female, ball python hatchlings left for sale. I was holding them back but have run out of room so these two babies are up for grabs to some lucky person or people. The genetics in ...

    • Crested gekos with taurariums


      Crested gekos with taurariums

      Argyle Park - Englewood

      2 Crested gekos male's with taurariums $300. Small terrarium has some melting on lid.(see pictures)

    • Looking for male leopard gecko


      Looking for male leopard gecko


      Hi there I am looking for a male leo if anyone has one they can't care for anymore are willing to rehome or trade please message me thanks so much

    • Ball python for sale


      Ball python for sale


      Sub adult female ball python looking for good home I have to many alike her and need to open some rack space and move forward with different projects She's 700 grams plus weighed last month and is a ...

    • Beared dragon


      Beared dragon


      My son has decided to rehome his dragon. He is a quite gentle dragon loves to be held. He’s about 2 yrs. He eats very good! Comes with everything in pictures. We love him so much but just don’t have ...

    • Blue tongue skink


      Blue tongue skink


      Blue tongue skink with Exo Terra large low(36x18x12) enclosure. Comes with everything needed except food. Blue tongue skinks do not require UV light, and do not eat bugs. Great starter pet. 2 ...

    • Reptile Feeding Ledge


      Reptile Feeding Ledge


      *******ALSO AVAILABLE AT PRAIRIE AQUATICS AND EXOTICS********** 3D Printed Reptile Feeding Ledge (small $10 and large $15) Looking for a cute and unique reptile accessory? Well look no further! We ...

    • Regina's best Isopods and Springtails for sale


      Regina's best Isopods and Springtails for sale


      Isopods and springtails for sale Guys, have you SEEN how cute they are!?! They are also the best for bioactive enclosures. I have tree frogs and lizards that swear by them. Their enclosures don't get ...

    • 3 ball Pythons


      3 ball Pythons


      Cinnamon is a proven breeder the other two girls are 2 years old asking $900 for all 3 or $400 each.

    • Large Reptile food


      Large Reptile food


      Lots of frozen food for the pet, regular 800$ worth !! My guy had an untimely death ..Asking 250$ , so I suggest you get this beforeits gone 50% off.

    • Male Crested Gecko


      Male Crested Gecko


      Tailless crested gecko male. From Go Gecko lines. Full pinstripe, nice little gecko. Hatched Dec 2020.

    • Rehome rainbow the dog

      Please Contact

      Rehome rainbow the dog


      I am im need to rehome have to move to a small place cant take her unfortunate she months oldis fixed up to date on her shots she is a fun loving pup like to play run comes with Channel for any ...

    • Baby Axolotls


      Baby Axolotls


      Baby axolotls for sale. They are about 2 inches long now, and have all 4 little legs. They will come with a small container of their special food.

    • Leopard gecko


      Leopard gecko


      Leopard gecko by himself is $150 Weighs 27grams If you want a 10 gallon tank, 2 huts, substrate, food, heat lamp+bulb, decor for the tank, water bowl, food bowl, etc (pretty much the whole tank set ...

    • Blue-eyed whites tree frogs and other whites tree frogs


      Blue-eyed whites tree frogs and other whites tree frogs


      PLEASE FULLY READ AD VERY IMPORTANT The Inspired Frog is an online business and breeder dedicated to providing high-quality amphibians to the Canadian market Our blue-eyed snowflake whites tree frogs ...

    • Envious Exotics 2024 Availability: March Sale :D

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      Envious Exotics 2024 Availability: March Sale :D


      Welcome to Envious Exotics 2024 availability. For the month of March I am having a INCOME TAX SALE! All 2023 babies are 20% off the listed price. All Subadults/adults are 30% off the listed price. ...

    • Reptile tunnels


      Reptile tunnels


      ****ALSO AVAILABLE AT PRARIE AQAUTICS AND EXOTICS**** $15 for Medium tunnel $20 for Large tunnel Are you looking for something unique? Something colourful? Well look no further! I have amazing 3D ...