Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Renfrew County Area

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


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    • Male Pinstripe Crested Gecko


      Male Pinstripe Crested Gecko


      2 1/2 year old male pinstripe crested gecko. Beautiful pattern and contrast. Hatch date is May 13,2021. Hatched by The Gecko Goddess. Bloodlines from northern gecko x gecko brothel. Both parents are ...

    • Tarantula giant Brazilian whiteknee


      Tarantula giant Brazilian whiteknee


      My giant Brazilian whiteknee tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata) this is a larger new world species reaching a soild 8 inches bit still considered a bit of a beginner tarantula becausevof their ...

    • Looking to rescue/adopt


      Looking to rescue/adopt


      Hello! My names Samantna and I’m looking to either rescue or adopt almost any type of snake. I rescued 2 ball pythons before and now are a forever part of my family and now reaching out offering to ...

    • Lilly white Crested gecko hatchling


      Lilly white Crested gecko hatchling


      These are my 4g 2023 hatchling lilly white and normal sibling these lilly white some are het Empty back, tangerine and softscale they all have blushing and already started dripping white at this size ...

    • Crested gecko male 25g


      Crested gecko male 25g


      Softscale (possibly super) Harlequin dark base with pinstripe 25g male if you have any questions feel free to reach out The last picture is mom Lilith my super soft scale harlequin pinstripe lavender ...

    • Male ball python


      Male ball python


      Male ball python that was born in 2017. I first got him in February 2018, but I can't remember if he was six or nine months old so he is probably between 5 3/4 and 6 years old. I you want it, he ...

    • Double incubator  (reduced)


      Double incubator (reduced)


      2 incubators in 1 I am selling my home made reptile egg incubator,Used for 2 seasons only, works great. Built with a double thermostat so you can set up 2 different tempatures ex.(gecko males temps ...

    • Warren on, Female pixie frog and tetorium


      Warren on, Female pixie frog and tetorium


      We are moving to another province and frog won’t survive the move:( ! She is a little over a year old please message for pics! Located in warren ! 250$ for entire set up, including georgette :) hand ...

    • Possible female, Crested Gecko


      Possible female, Crested Gecko


      Contact for more info, hatched Feb 25th 2023 Very friendly since its been well socialized. Eats well, I can provide links to all items for the food. Also willing to help set up the tank with you if ...

    • Isopods, springtails, roaches, and more


      Isopods, springtails, roaches, and more


      Titans (40$ for 8) (Porcellio hoffmannseggi) Papaya (30$ for 10) (Cubaris murina) Powered orange (15$ for 15) Powered white (15$ for 12) Powered blue (15$ for 12) (Porcellionides Pruinosus) High ...

    • Discoid roach nymphs


      Discoid roach nymphs


      15 small 3/4" down for 20$ The available and price will change as my colnoy, and demand grows, as far as i know im the only breeder in renfrew county possibly the only one selling them north of ...

    • Updated 22-2023 available hatchlings


      Updated 22-2023 available hatchlings


      Located 1.5 hrs west of ottawa -1.0 =boy -0.1 =girl -3.0 banana pieds….$300ea -0.2 normal pieds…$350ea -1.2 pastave pieds….$400/$450ea Deals on more than one animal… ….Make me an offer…. can provide ...

    • Big snake for sale


      Big snake for sale


      Have a female bci boa constrictor with bit of an attitude not sure on age she bout 5 feet long could use some work to anyone who not afraid of being bit knows how handle without being bit, was bought ...

    • Ball python

      Please Contact

      Ball python


      Super friendly ball python fully grown bout almost 6 yrs old or less not sure on age looking to trade snake for snake comes with enclosure or just snake possible go for cash if offer is right eats ...

    • Bearded dragon with 40 gallon terrarium


      Bearded dragon with 40 gallon terrarium

      Barry's Bay

      Bearded dragon 1.5 years old unsexed comes with 40 gallon terrarium, light fixtures, caves, decor, and extra sand. Pick up in Combermere

    • Crested geckos


      Crested geckos


      Baby crested geckos we have 3 ready for a new home $60 each

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