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Meet Strawberrie !
Saskatoon < 4 hours ago
Cherry head - red foot tortoise forsale. He / she will be 2 in August. Loves being around people. Takes an extra liking to kids. Good pet ! Please let me know if you want more info
Mesh Top Terrarium for Sale (with Heating Pad and Accessories)
Saskatoon < 12 hours ago
Dimensions (inches): 18(w) x 18(d) x 12(h) ExoTerra mesh top terrarium. In great shape! Comes with lots of tank decorations, water/food dish, and heating pad. The bottom of the tank has the working ...
HUGE SALE on high end ball pythons!
Please Contact
Saskatoon < 16 hours ago
Our biggest sale ever! We have TONS more babies on the way for 2022 so we are motivated to make room. Proud producers of high quality Pythons and Boa. All our snakes are established eaters on frozen ...
Crested Gecko, Terrarium, Wooden Cabinet, lots of accessories
Saskatoon 05/07/2022
WE LIVE IN SASKATOON AND CAN'T DELIVER TO REGINA. YOU HAVE TO COME HERE TO PICK UP! I am selling my daughter's 2 yrs old female Crested Gecko. The gecko is healthy and very well taken care of, but ...
Crested Gecko, Terrarium, Wooden Cabinet, lots of accessories
Saskatoon 05/07/2022
I am selling my daughter's 2 yrs old female Crested Gecko. The gecko is healthy and very well taken care of, but after long consideration we decided that this is not the right pet for her due to it ...
Flightless Fruit Flies (Melanogaster)
Saskatoon 03/07/2022
We have cultures available of Drosophila melanogaster flightless fruit flies. Mels are the slightly smaller of the two species commonly used as feeder food (we also have the larger hydei species of ...
Albino Nelson's Milksnake
Saskatoon 03/07/2022
My beautiful baby comes with: her 200 gallon habitat (front sliding doors, ventilated on the sides, with removable top mesh and a light), 7 decorations, a heating pad, frozen feeder mice, shed aid, ...
Drosophila Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures
Saskatoon 03/07/2022
Fresh Premium Fruit Fly cultures available direct from Super Cricket Farms in Saskatoon. We are one of that largest feeder insect farms in Canada, and have been in business since 2009. Drosophila are ...
Hydei Fruit Flies!
Saskatoon 02/07/2022
Cultures just started today! Discounts if you take multiple!
Snake Kit & Terrarium
Saskatoon 02/07/2022
Selling this snake kit because I found a bigger terrarium that will be better for the future snake I intend to get. Still in package and everything, never opened! It's been sitting in my storage unit ...
Crested Gecko
Saskatoon 01/07/2022
Rehoming my adult crested gecko. He is approximately 2 or 3 years old. I don’t have much time anymore so would like to find a good home where he can receive more attention. He is currently on repashy ...
Chinese Praying Mantis
Saskatoon 29/06/2022
We only have a couple Chinese praying mantis (Tenodera sinensis) still available. $15 each or two for $25 These are L5 and L6 mantis - meaning they have molted six or seven times since they first ...
Praying Mantis Kit
Saskatoon 29/06/2022
We only have one mantis kit left. Our praying mantis kit comes with two Chinese Praying Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) each in their own 32oz insect cup, a culture of flightless fruit flies to feed to ...
Blue eyed lucy ball python
Saskatoon 28/06/2022
Up for sale i have young blue eyed lucy ball python weighs (480 grams) eats well, very friendly asking $500. Will post pictures later as its in shed #snake #bel
Crested Gecko
Saskatoon 28/06/2022
2 year old Crested Gecko in perfect healthy condition. Comes with tank (mesh top) with plenty of ground substrate and plenty of fake leaf foliage. Extra habitat decorations include rubber vines, ...
Reptile tank
Saskatoon 27/06/2022
30 gallon reptile tank with a screen top, heating pad and heat lamp. Back glass has a crack but it’s bin taped. Price reflects this
Multiple crest geckos, including lily white
Saskatoon 25/06/2022
Lily white male, beautiful boy never bred as I have been unable to breed this year with a lot going on. Very friendly likes to be handled. $1600.00 Yellow female, never bred beautiful girl but not ...
Isopods and plants
Saskatoon 25/06/2022
Dairy cows (regular and solid white) $15 Giant canyon $30 Plants $5 - $10 Started cultures would included at least 10 of various sizes
Lesser ball python
Saskatoon 24/06/2022
Up for sale i have a lesser ball python very friendly. Asking $200
Dairy Cow Isopods
Saskatoon 24/06/2022
We have a limited number of dairy cow isopods (porcellio laevis) available. 20+ for $20. Orders will include a few adults, and lots of juvenile ones. We may consider trades for other species. Dairy ...
Hermanns tortoise for sale
Saskatoon 23/06/2022
I am selling my 7 year old, male Hermanns tortoise. Please contact me for more information on the species.
Saskatoon 22/06/2022
Gently used tank with screen cover. Includes mounting bracket for reptile light and temp Guage. Used for our bearded dragon for approx 9 months 17 in height x 24 in length x 13 in width 30.00 obo ...
Red Ear Slider Turtle Complete Tank Set Up
Saskatoon 21/06/2022
55Gal set up with Reno XL Canister Filter Over Tank Basking Area Large Pleco Included Tank Stand with Shelves Ready to Go $400
Wanted adult corn snakes
Please Contact
Saskatoon 21/06/2022
Hi , I’m looking to add a few adult corn snakes to collection, please message me with price and pictures. And any info on them Thanks
Breeding Colony of Powder Orange Isopods + Springtails
Saskatoon 19/06/2022
Colonies of both Powder Orange Isopods and Springtails in a 2.5 gallon Rubbermaid container.
Pied Ball Python Baby
Saskatoon 17/06/2022
Beautiful Male Pied Ball Python available. Free Delivery to Calgary or Canada wide $75 with Reptile Express. Very well established on frozen thawed. Easy to handle and never misses a meal. Pictures ...
Cricket feed and quencher, calcium & vitamins
Saskatoon 17/06/2022
Various vitamins new - calcium about 3/4 and gut loading insects. All have good expiry dates…asking $15 for it all.
Wanted Phidippus regius
Please Contact
Saskatoon 15/06/2022
Hello! I was just wondering if anyone out there had any jumping spiders available? I've been looking to get one for some time now but have been having trouble finding some since moving to ...
Toffee / Toffino ball pythons
Saskatoon 13/06/2022
All ball pythons are established and feeding on f/t rat pups weekly. These animated will make great pets or future breeders. Text, call, or email for more info. 1.0 toffee, $450 (picture 1) 2.0 ...
Feeder Insects, Rodents, Birds, and more!
Please Contact
Saskatoon 12/06/2022
For a full price list, including feeders, supplies, and livestock, check out our page: Why buy anywhere else when you can get guaranteed pre-gutloaded, CSE-quality feeder ...
Leopard Gecko
Saskatoon 10/06/2022
Leopard Gecko- 1.5 year old “DIEGO” Male $200 for him and his tank, lid/ light/ decor/plants Will come with some food/calcium powder 40 Gallon Tank
Looking to rehome 2 adults, and 5 baby crested geckos
Saskatoon 07/06/2022
2 Adult males. 5 Unkown babies. Enclosers and everything in them will be included with each gecko. The male in the first picture has great lineages, and is the dad to the 5 babies. NOTE: The geckos ...
Turtle tank measured L30.5” W12.5”H12.5” Base/light included
Saskatoon 06/06/2022
Turtle tank measured L30.5” W12.5”H12.5”. Posted in pets, reptiles & amphibians for rehoming in Saskatoon. June 06, 2022 Got a new and bigger tank so selling my old one. Stand and light are included ...
Reptile Accessories
Saskatoon 02/06/2022
All for $50
Pac man frog
Please Contact
Saskatoon 31/05/2022
I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking for a young pac man frog. I would rather get it from a breeder or someone wanting to rehome than from A pet store. Preferably female but if males is all I ...
Reptile food/ water dishes
Saskatoon 30/05/2022
I am selling these reptile food / water dishes. $ 10 each or all for $ 50
Flightless Fruit Flies (Hydei)
Saskatoon 27/05/2022
We have cultures available of Drosophila hydei flightless fruit flies. Hydei are the slightly larger of the two species commonly used as feeder food (we also have the smaller hydei species of fruit ...
Crickets, Mealworms, Superworms, Wax Worms, Phoenix worms, Flies
Please Contact
Saskatoon 25/05/2022
Crickets, Mealworms, Superworms, Phoenix Worms, Fruit Flies, Wax Worms, Red Wigglers, and much more. Super Cricket Farms, ships direct from our farms. All Insects are harvested fresh to your order. ...
Reptisun T8 10.0 uvb fixture and 2 bulbs
Saskatoon 23/05/2022
Hey! I’m selling my uvb bulbs and fixture because I don’t need it anymore. In mint condition, comes with the fixture, a used bulb (probably has a month or 2 left in it) and a brand new bulb that has ...
Micro-Feeders For Sale - SK
Saskatoon 19/05/2022
Are you looking for some new micro-feeders for your small Reptiles, Amphibians and Arachnids? Top Notch Feeders has got you covered. Lesser Mealworms (Alphitobius diaperinus) Starter Colony - $15.00 ...
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