Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Stratford

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


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    • Beautiful Crested Geckos and Leopard Geckos


      Beautiful Crested Geckos and Leopard Geckos


      We have beautiful Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos. Males and Females, Proven Breeders, Babies and Juveniles - different morphs are available. They look stunning and are very friendly! We have been ...

    • Urgent
      Turtle & Small Reptile Habitat Kit w/ Light

      Please Contact

      Turtle & Small Reptile Habitat Kit w/ Light


      Tank/habitat for small turtles and reptiles. Base measures 15.7" X 11.8"; Clear 5mm thick acrylic walls are 7.2" high (height of habitat is 10" total) Comes with all the basics your turtle would need ...

    • Pastel 50%het clown


      Pastel 50%het clown


      Eating ft rat pups

    • Pastel, Het Red Axanthic 50%hypo 66%het for clown


      Pastel, Het Red Axanthic 50%hypo 66%het for clown


      Eating ft weans biweekly ask any questions if I'm not at work I'll answer right away! 5197785783

    • Lizards to a good home

      Please Contact

      Lizards to a good home


      Simple as that, lizards to a good home.

    • Female Chahoua Gecko *Pet Only*


      Female Chahoua Gecko *Pet Only*


      Lip is a female Chahoua Gecko who was born with a deep underbite. Although this does not affect her functioning, I have reduced her price to reflect the aesthetic deformity. I strongly advise against ...

    • Female Cave Dwelling Ratsnake


      Female Cave Dwelling Ratsnake


      Female Cave Dwelling Rat Snake (Orthriophis taeniurus ridleyi), hatched September 2022. Eagerly feeding on thawed quail chicks, mice, and rats. Beautiful specimen, gaining more contrast after every ...

    • Male Crested Gecko


      Male Crested Gecko


      Taz is an incredible male Crested Gecko—both in appearance and temperament! He fires up extremely dark—nearly black, and fires down to a beautiful brown. He’s not a proven breeder, but he’d make a ...

    • Proven Female Crested Gecko (Northern Gecko Lineage)


      Proven Female Crested Gecko (Northern Gecko Lineage)


      Namine is a female Crested Gecko from Northern Gecko lineage. When fired up, she has a very dark base with high contrast. When fired down, her base lightens to a beautiful olive green. She’s a proven ...

    • Looking for


      Looking for


      I'm looking for heat mats, all different sizes, I'm also looking for rat supplies, dishes, water bottles, little hides. If you have anything shoot me a message, or text me for faster response at ...

    • Albino axolotl


      Albino axolotl


      It's a little under a foot long, cool animal. Don't know the sex. Have to get rid of it because children keep messing with the tank and I don't want to keep worrying about it

    • Male crested gecko - Chucky


      Male crested gecko - Chucky


      48g male crested gecko Very active and inquisitive. He likes to be up at the glass watching the world around him. price is for crested gecko only a temporary bin can be included for an additional $25

    • Bargain Crested geckos


      Bargain Crested geckos


      Jerry $60 Harold $100 Wimble $100 Taterz $80 All share the same father, hatched early 2023 No enclosure included can deliver within Stratford

    • Clean up Crew & Flightless fruit flies *Updated!*


      Clean up Crew & Flightless fruit flies *Updated!*


      Drosophila melanogaster "Small Flightless Fruitflies" booming culture - $15 Fresh - $10 Drosophila hydei "Large Flightless Fruitflies" Fresh - $10 Collembola sp. "Tropical White Springtails" $10 ...

    • Costom enclosure for sale


      Costom enclosure for sale


      Looking to sell my custom locking enclosure, comes with UV lights, was used for my blue tongue skink. Would be great for a bearded dragon, monitors, any type of skink. Dimensions of the enclosure - ...

    • Feeder Rats


      Feeder Rats


      Feeder rats frozen or live, all sizes available. Prices for frozen in pictures. Buy in bulk and save! I do not deliver. Located in Sebringville

    • Magic Potion & Zebra Isopods


      Magic Potion & Zebra Isopods


      Zebra ( Armadillidium Maculatum)- 12 count for $15 Magic Potion ( Armadillidium Vulgare- Japanese line) - 12 count for $30 Pick up or local delivery only at this time, mix of adults and juveniles.

    • Custom reptile enclosures


      Custom reptile enclosures


      Custom reptile enclosures by registered business Ontario Iguanas. Pick the size, colour, cabinet or not ect. Everything to fit your reptiles needs and your desires. Check us out on Instagram ...

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