Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming in Woodstock

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Reptiles & Amphibians for Rehoming


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    • 75 gallon Terrarium with stand


      75 gallon Terrarium with stand


      Was used as an aquarium that sprung a leak last night. Pick only.

    • Bearded dragon and home


      Bearded dragon and home


      I have a 6 year old beardie I'm needing to rehome. I don't have the time for her anymore. She's missing toes and has been since she was a baby. She will come with EVERYTHING. including her custom ...

    • Crested gecko for sale/trade


      Crested gecko for sale/trade


      Male Crestie Comes with a Diy Hexagon terrarium Can trade to nano/rimless shrimp tanks, aquarium or aquarium accessories OBO

    • Beautiful Crested Geckos


      Beautiful Crested Geckos


      We have a great selection of Crested Geckos available. Whether you're looking for males, females, or juveniles - we have them all. These remarkable creatures are the best reptile pets for your home, ...

    • Gorgeous Leopard Geckos


      Gorgeous Leopard Geckos


      We have absolutely beautiful Leopard Geckos that are ready for you to come and pick one or more. Male & Female Breeders, Babies and Juveniles - many morphs are available. They look stunning and are ...

    • Young Female bearded dragon


      Young Female bearded dragon


      Young female bearded dragon Pickup only

    • Female bearded dragon


      Female bearded dragon


      Female bearded dragon $255 Pickup only

    • Male bearded dragon


      Male bearded dragon


      Male bearded dragon $260 Pickup only

    • Juvenile female bearded dragon


      Juvenile female bearded dragon


      Juvenile female bearded dragon Pickup only

    • Juvenile male bearded dragon


      Juvenile male bearded dragon


      Juvenile male bearded dragon Pickup only

    • Ball Python Pied and het Pied combod


      Ball Python Pied and het Pied combod


      Hey For The Love of Scales has some hatchlings looking to be rehomed at some awesome deals. Located west of London Female Pied Genex Lineage (pic1) $300 Female ODYB GeneX lineage het Pied (pic2) $100 ...

    • Japanese Rat snake sub adult(serious)and enclosure+everything


      Japanese Rat snake sub adult(serious)and enclosure+everything


      I do have his 3x2x2 n all his stuff as well that can go with him..My boy bandit the japanese rat snake, I really don't want to sell him but I have to get my bike paid off so looking to see if there ...

    • Banana pastel ball python for sale


      Banana pastel ball python for sale


      Hes a gorgeous boy, breeder fed him live n he's only ate live for me. Been really fussy, his last shed didn't go so great n he still has a bit on his head, I'm fairly new but been working to get It ...

    • Several Species of top quality snakes

      Please Contact

      Several Species of top quality snakes


      Proud producers of high quality Pythons and Boa. All our snakes are established eaters on frozen thawed prey items and come with a laminated certificate of origin and genetics. We are pleased to ...

    • Frozen Feeders


      Frozen Feeders


      Rats: PR. 25 per bag. $1.50ea. FR. 25 per bag. $2.00ea. Pup. 25 per bag $2.50ea. WR. 25 per bag. $3.00ea. Sm. 10 per bag $4.00ea. Med. 10 per bag $4.50ea. Lg. 5 per bag. $5.25ea. Xlg. 5 per bag. ...

    • Leapord gecko and cage


      Leapord gecko and cage


      All u need for it

    • 2.5 year old corn snake


      2.5 year old corn snake


      Very friendly and low maintenance pet. We are looking to rehome because we have 2 kids and just can’t find the time to give her attention she deserves. Tank is 55l x 22w x 23h and includes everything ...

    • Carpet Python-Need Rehoming


      Carpet Python-Need Rehoming


      Listed as: “Diamond Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python” when purchased Selling tank and snake together, decor & all At 6ft Tank is 3x3x1.5ft (36x36x18in) purchased new less than 1 year Great for handling

    • Snake ( banana ball python)


      Snake ( banana ball python)


      Everything is there for a happy snake . 6 months old eating wein rats . Only fed him live rats since we bought him at 2 months old. I purchased him for a present but his owner left him behind. I ...

    • Orange pair leopard geckos


      Orange pair leopard geckos


      Male and female about year and half old sunglow geckos asking $225 for the pair I currently have them separated tho cuz the female was getting super skinny

    • Jungle coastal carpets (price drop)


      Jungle coastal carpets (price drop)


      2.0 jungle coastal cross carpets $100 each they’d be nice display snakes or pets. Potential trades for monitors, other carpet pythons, beauty snakes or enclosures.

    • Colombian Boa Constrictor-Need Rehoming


      Colombian Boa Constrictor-Need Rehoming


      Contact for more info if interested Taking offers 550$ with tank and stand (18x23.5x48) 450$ without At 95”in - 7’11”ft

    • Gargoyle gecko and setup


      Gargoyle gecko and setup


      Gargoyle gecko and setup asking $225