6 Good Reasons to Buy a New Car

Buying a car is an important decision, and there are excellent grounds for choosing a new vehicle over a used one - especially now that you can connect with dealers and find new cars directly on Kijiji!

Here are 6 reasons that should reassure you about opting for a new car:

1. Reliability and longevity

No one wants to spend the next few years wondering whether their car will stand the test of time. Experts say that after style, reliability is the most important consideration when choosing a vehicle. The life expectancy of a new car, regardless of the make or model, is generally more than seven or eight years. Since you keep your car for a long time, the initial investment may be large, but it will pay off! In addition, your new car will have a more comprehensive warranty than a used one.

2. Safety

Nothing is more important than your safety and that of your loved ones. By opting for a new car, you’ll be assured of having the latest safety features. Newer models are better built. They offer high-strength steel, which performs better in a collision, multiple airbags, and many on-board electronic safety components, both standard and optional. Never have cars been so safe!

3. Technology

If you’re a music fan or love gadgets, you’ll be amazed at what you can find in new cars today. From navigation systems with traffic display to smartphone compatibility, new vehicles on the market offer all kinds of connectivity options. They also have on-board Internet access, semi-autonomous driving assistance and more. It’s all there for the geek in you!

4. Fuel efficiency and pollution

New vehicles have to meet stricter emission standards. As a result, they emit hardly any greenhouse gases—none at all in the case of electric vehicles. To achieve this, manufacturers have reduced fuel consumption capacity and added stop-start technology, all without compromising the power of the vehicle. And you benefit!

5. Financial incentives

Buying a used car may allow you room to negotiate, but new vehicles often come with attractive incentives offered by the manufacturer. Depending on the time of year, you can save several thousand dollars on your purchase, add on some cool accessories, or benefit from a low-cost maintenance plan. If you’re a recent graduate, you’ll want to check out the rebates available, which can often lower the price by a few hundred dollars.

6. Financing and insurance

If you can’t afford to pay outright for a new car, you have several options, including leasing or getting a loan from the dealership or a bank. You could be the owner of a new car in just a few hours!

Whether it’s to enjoy the latest model or take advantage of financing incentives, buying a new car is a great idea that offers a number of concrete benefits. So take a look at Kijiji and find your next new car today!

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