No butts about it

Say you’re looking for a car. What do you look at first? Gas efficiency? Mileage? Horsepower? No. Ashtrays.

At least, that’s the bet Aaron Griffin took when he posted one of the most popular ads of 2013.

Aaron’s ad, advertising a 1963 Ford Falcon, has it all: an STD joke (“Like that case of antibiotic resistant clap you picked up in Bangkok, I’m back!), tons of technical car jargon, a Barry Manilow reference and, best of all, an ode to the ashtray. “If the critically acclaimed series Mad Men has taught us anything, [it’s that] slamming through the silky smooth three on the tree transmission whilst hauling on your Lucky Strike is not for the untested and faint of heart,” declares Aaron in his listing.

Despite his quirky and unusual listing, Aaron is no slouch in the car department – he knows his stuff. By day, he’s the coordinator of a commercial diving college program, and in his spare time, he’s a handy guy repairing old cars to sell on Kijiji’s “Classic Cars” section. He single-handedly turned the 1963 Ford Falcon, which used to be in “real sad shape,” into a fully-functioning “Seductress of Speed.” Not bad, for a “clunker” with a “luxurious ashtray” he originally found on Kijiji! 


What could be more mundane than the lighter and ashtray nobody cares about anymore?

If you’re interested in the lifestyle offered by this Falcon (such as “heel-toeing rubber all over the Walmart parking lot”), you’re in luck: it’s still available. The classic car market doesn’t have as many buyers as the regular car market, and the Seductress of Speed is still in storage waiting to be swept away. But that hasn’t stopped Aaron from looking for his next project. He’s bought a new car from Kijiji – another Ford Falcon. He says it’s different than the one he’s trying to sell, but if you ask us, the man’s got a type, and he’s sticking to it.

Kijiji tip : Know your audience.

Target the ad to a specific group of people while making your ad unique and memorable for them.

If there’s one thing ad-writers can learn from Aaron, it’s the importance of connecting with your audience. Since the Classic Cars community is relatively small, Aaron often encounters the same people. “I’ve kept in touch with a few people who responded to the ad,” he says. He wants to make his ads appealing and shareable by making them unique and memorable. Case in point: the two-paragraph homage to his car’s ashtray. 

So in short, make your ads unique and the views will follow.

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