How to find the perfect car on Kijiji

Shopping for a car can be an exciting experience, but can also feel a bit overwhelming.

Cars are complex machines with many details to consider when buying, from the type of car, to the wear and tear on the vehicle. Kijiji can help make your purchasing experience easier, not only by providing you with listings of vehicles for sale near you, but providing you with the tools to find exactly what you’re looking for.

In the sidebar on the left of the car listing page, you’ll find sorting options including price, milage, make, year, body type, transmission, colour, fuel type, number of doors, number of seats and more. You can adjust the values of these options to create a highly targeted search that gives you a list of only the vehicles that fit your specific needs, saving you time and energy. Once you find an interesting prospect, there are also certain things you can check to see Here are some of the factors to consider when using the search options to find a great first car, and how to check to make sure you are buying a vehicle that has been well cared for.

What Kind of Car Do You Want?

The first determining factor will be simply what kind of car do you want to own? If you mainly drive in the city, good fuel economy is a huge benefit, but if you enjoy venturing down rugged roads and exploring on the weekend, you may prefer a vehicle with higher clearance and four wheel drive instead. If you carry a lot of passengers and equipment, a vehicle with plenty of seats and storage is ideal. Consider how you will want to use your car and do early research on the capabilities of various vehicles. Check on repair costs for various makes and models of cars and ask friends and family on their recommendations. Decide how important the visual appearance and age of your car would be compared to the running condition. Once you have a clear picture of what you are shopping for, it’s time to head to Kijiji!

What Is Your Budget?

Price is often the main selling point for your first car. The higher your budget is, the better a vehicle you can afford, but if you invest the time in searching and shopping, you may get a better deal than you expected. Set a reminder for yourself to check Kijiji every day, or even several times a day, as great deals are snatched up quickly. Set your budget parameters slightly higher than you are actually shopping for, just in case a great deal is to be found just above your budget that you would be willing to spend a little extra on. Also, determine if you are able to spend less on a car that needs a few repairs and invest the savings into fixing it. There are a variety of small repairs that can cost a minimal amount, making this a good option, but major repairs can be more of an issue. Check the infographic below for tips on avoiding cars needing major work.

Where Are You Looking?

The closer a vehicle is to you, the more convenient it is to go and view it or give it a test drive. However, there may be areas where you can get a better deal on a car or there may be more of them available. Use the distance slider in the sidebar to expand your search radius a bit further than you may think to look to ensure you don’t miss anything promising.

How Important Is the Condition?

It’s always nicer to find a car that has been well cared for and looks like new, however, if you are handy with vehicles or appearance is not as important to you, you may be able to get a better value for your dollar. Regular proper maintenance is necessary for a long lifespan for a vehicle, but replacing or repairing a single problematic part may be simple, and a car that needs a repair may be listed for less than it is actually worth. This depends on your knowledge of vehicles and your confidence in doing or having the repair done, but it can be worthwhile to consider vehicles in less than excellent condition to see if all they need is a little love to become a fantastic first car.

Checking the Car

The difference between minor wear and tear and damage that is difficult to repair can be expensive. Looking over the car carefully can help prevent you from ending up with a lemon. Look under the hood for any rust or dents that might indicate damage or a lack of maintenance. Check for any leaks in the engine or worn-out cracked belts. Open the oil filler and check for any foamy residue that could indicate a leaking head gasket. Take a peek under the car for any spots underneath that could reveal a fluid leak. The tires should all match and be evenly worn to indicate that the car is properly aligned. The odometer will reveal how much use the car has taken, but a more important factor is whether the car was well cared for during those miles. However, it’s good to take into account how many miles the vehicle has covered. Inside the trunk is another place to check as it can indicate whether the car has been well cared for. Inspect it for hidden rust, moisture or cracks.


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