Jeremy Kelly

Take your car gear from 0 to 60

Look good under the hood

Jeremy knows cars. A third generation stock car racer, all he needs is some car parts off Kijiji and he can rebuild an engine. And when he’s not at the Peterborough track, he buys and restores classic cars, ranging from a 1970s campervan to his prized 1958 VW Beetle. We hit him up to help us locate some Kijiji finds that will make you look sharp on the road and in the garage.

Jeremy Kelly's Lookbook

Steering wheel
10 and 2 optional
Search steering wheels
No flying lessons required
Search sunglasses
For however you roll
Search tires
Go Pro camera
Vids or it didn't happen
Search cameras
Silence is golden
Search mufflers
Chrome rims (with tires)
Don't tire out your rims
Search winter rims

Meet Jeremy Kelly

Racing isn’t just a hobby for Jeremy. It’s a way to honour his late gramps.

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