5 Baby gear essentials you can buy used

Some baby gear is essential for such a short window of a baby’s life, that it’s really easy to find quality secondhand baby gear.

You’re overjoyed. You’re glowing. But somewhere in the midst of nesting, you total up the cost of all at the new baby gear. And it’s daunting.

The good news for new moms: you don’t need to buy all new baby gear. In many instances, gently-used baby gear is sufficient. In fact, some baby gear is essential for such a short window of a baby’s life, that it’s really easy to find quality secondhand baby gear.

5 Baby Gear Essentials You Can Buy Used

1. Strollers

Your choice for a go-to mode of transport for the next few years is high stakes. Strollers come with hefty price tag. There’s a lot of pressure to opt for brand names, like Uppa, Stokke, Bugaboo and Baby Jogger. Each has a cult following and can even influence which parents approach you at playtime. Plus, you may find it makes sense to have more than one stroller: an urban stroller, a jogging/biking stroller, and a travel stroller. But how to choose? Take the pressure off by buying used; you can have a brand name (or maybe two) at a lower price. When buying used strollers, make sure and take your stroller for a spin to determine that it rolls smoothly and it’s sturdy. Ask for the manufacture date and instruction manual (which also usually available online). It goes without saying that you’ll want to be up to date on Canadian government stroller safety requirements. Bonus: most parents toss in the costly accessories (rain covers, sunscreens and car seat adapters) free.

2. High chairs

Hand-me-down highchairs are easy to find in good condition because trays are washable as is the detachable seat cushion. They hang out in one spot in the kitchen, so they rarely get banged up. What you’re looking for: something visually appealing to you with a five-point harness to prevent a child from climbing out, and a fixed crotch post.

3. Baby carriers

New baby carriers – think Bjorns, Ergos, Huggaloops and hikers – cost $100-$200. Used cost around $50-$75. Given that these are only good for about 1.5 years of your kids’ lives and are often washable, going used here is a no brainer. Again, read up on Canadian government safety requirements for baby wearing, and ask for manufacture date and instruction manual.

4. Exersaucers/bouncers

Known (in jest) as the “circle of neglect,” this activity station with jumping capability is a parent’s best friend in the small window before crawling, starting at 4-months. Because baby exersaucers and bouncers are useful for such a short period of time and take up so much space, there’s a big used market.

5. Cribs and other baby furniture

Whether you want the Rolls Royce of baby cribs, the Stokke, or a simple Ikea crib, you must remember: comfort is important, safety is essential. Once you find a crib frame that suits your nursery decor, check product recalls and crib safety guidelines before making your decision. When that’s ticked off, have fun choosing new bedware and possibly a new mattress.

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