New baby essentials done DIY with Denise Wild

When you find out you’re going to be a mom, everything seems so new. There’s suddenly so much to discover, learn, and most importantly buy, before your little one enters the world.

Did you know that Stats Canada estimates that the average family spends between $8,500 and $10,000 (and sometimes more!) in the first year of a child’s life? Yuck! That’s a huge chunk of change! Since having my own baby, I’ve realized that there are some ways I could have significantly cut down on those lofty baby bills – and the answer is in the second-hand economy!

Of course, one of the first things parents do after finding out they’re expecting is start working on the perfect nursery. You can’t imagine the number of hours I spent browsing online inspiration boards. Not only did I want to avoid spending high prices for nursery décor but I also wanted to avoid having something that looks the same as everyone else’s. I wanted something special, something that showed off my personality and style. One of the most overpriced nursery decor items — that just happens to be super easy to DIY — is a crib mobile.

I found a really great deal on embroidery hoops on Kijiji and got creative. By simply tying pieces of different ribbons (keep them varied in colour, texture, and length) to the hoop, I made a chic, simple, and inexpensive mobile that’ll mesmerize any little cutie.

Once your bundle of joy arrives, time will fly by and before you know it, your precious pumpkin will be sitting up, crawling and playing. There are millions of baby toys on the market geared toward little ones under a year. Whether they’re brightly coloured, noisy, or educational, you can count on one thing: they’ll set you back a pretty penny if you buy them brand new. So, instead of opening up my wallet for more use-once items, I decided to get creative, delve back into the second-hand market and create a busy board! They are the perfect toy to keep little fingers busy and little minds learning. I found a framed chalkboard on Kijiji that was both functional and stylish for less than I spend on coffee each week. Next, I purchased a few second-hand interactive items including door locks, a calculator and a light switch to attach. And that’s it! You now have a toy that offers endless hours of fun and learning AND looks good in that nursery you worked so hard on.

As my daughter has grown, I have learned to appreciate the little things. The first time she smiled, the first time she walked, and now her first day of school. I have also grown to appreciate any time I can save money on items for her. Buying from the second-hand market has made such a huge difference. Moms just like me can save an average of $825 a year by using the second-hand economy and that money can then be put into family outings, extracurricular activities for my daughter, or savings accounts for future college. Although I’m talking about my own daughter, and I know that no two children are the same, what every child has in common is that they are expensive to raise! Shopping smart is something us parents can all get behind!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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