Nursery essentials: What to include in the nest for your new baby

We’ve pulled together a list of nursery essentials, here are just a few of the basics you’ll want to have ready before you bring your little one home.

Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Preparing for your new arrival can be pretty daunting. Between all the strange and confusing baby products out there, trying to figure out everything you’ll need to get is enough to make your head spin!

We’ve pulled together a list of nursery essentials, here are just a few of the basics you’ll want to have ready before you bring your little one home:

Your teeny baby is going to grow in no time! So there’s really no need to buy too many newborn clothes. In the beginning you’re just going to want simple clothes like sleepers, all-in-one jumpsuits, cardigans(if the weather is cold) and socks. When selecting baby clothes, look for things that are:
• Comfort! Elaborate outfits are nice for photos, but comfort is the most important. Don’t forget they’ll be sleeping most of the time, so if they can’t sleep in it, it’s probably not worth buying
• Easy to remove. You’ll be changing your baby a lot (really, a lot!) – babies don’t generally like to be changed, so you’ll want clothes that are easy to get on and off. Look for wide neck holes, things that button or zip down the front (rather than the back), and snaps around the legs and bottom so you can do a diaper change without removing everything.

Bed time
As long as you have the space for it, you can put a newborn straight into a crib, saving you money on a bassinet (plus all the bassinet sized bedding that goes with it!). When buying a crib, look for one with an adjustable base that can be raised up, making it easier to pick up your baby without bending over too far. You’ll also need a crib mattress, sheets, blankets and a couple of mattress protectors.

Play time and other bits
While not essential, it’s nice to have a play mat or play gym with toys that dangle from above. Babies love reaching up and hitting them!

Other key items you’ll need before baby arrives include nappies, wipes, cotton swabs, bath towels, receiving blankets, drawers for storage and a good thermometer. Most other things you can buy at a later stage.

Baby on a budget: things you don’t need
If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to avoid buying too many things. Many of the baby items out there are unnecessary, or just fall into the “nice to have” rather than “must have” column. Here are just some examples of items you could probably live without:
Change table – a change table isn’t necessary as you can just as easily change your baby on a bed or the floor, especially if you are short on cash or space (or both).
Baby bath – for many, the sink is just as convenient as a ready made bath.
Mobile – mobiles are great for decorating a nursery, but really not essential. Your baby will still go to sleep without one
Baby monitor – if you live in an apartment or a small space, you’re likely to hear every peep without a monitor! If your living space has multiple floors, a monitor might be an essential.

Have we forgotten anything? We’d love to hear your tips for essential nursery items in the comments section.

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