DIY with kids: how to make a children’s tent

Looking to surprise the little ones with an at-home paradise? This tent will be the perfect place to read stories, play hide and go seek, and give high fives!

Get organized

To get started, check out Kijiji to find deals on sewing machines to help you with your project. Make sure you also have scissors, rope, a hot glue gun, a large ruler, sewing thread, fun fabric, three long wooden poles, a pillow, a blanket or rug, and some toys.

Measure and cut

Next, lay out your fabric and, with the help of your ruler, draw three even triangular sections with a pencil.  Make sure that the fabric sections are almost as long as the wooden poles. Once you’ve measured where you need to cut, cut all three to make them even.

Sew. Sew. Sew.

Once your three sections are evenly cut, place some pins along the edges of each of them to prepare for sewing. Next, sew all three sections together into a circular sheet that will be able to fit over your wooden poles.

Tie it up

Get your three wooden poles together and tie them up tightly with strong rope to ensure that they won’t fall apart. Once you’ve tied them together at the top, stand them up and slightly pull them apart to create an open triangular space.

Stop sliding with glue

With a hot glue gun, stop your tent from sliding by applying glue to the bottom of the tent poles. Make sure to let the glue dry before putting the poles back on the ground to make sure they don’t stick to your floor.

Cut a hole and cover the frame

Bunch up your fabric and cut a circular hole at the top to allow it to be placed over the top of your wooden poles. Now, place the hole around the three wooden polls and pull down the fabric over the sides of the tent. Next, cut a slit into one of the sections of the fabric to use as the door to your tent.

Make it cozy

Get your tent ready to play in by placing in a blanket or rug, a pillow, and some toys. Now, go have fun!

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