How to Make Your Yard a Kids’ Paradise

You can get your kids to love the backyard by kicking up the fun with outdoor toys. This guide will give you the tips and inspiration to turn your yard into a children’s summertime paradise.

Sunny days are ideal for spending time with your kids outside, or sending them out to have fun in the fresh air. You can help your kids love the outdoors by bringing a bit of fun to your yard with some outdoor toys. If you’re thinking about finding used outdoor toys, but aren’t sure where to start, here’s a quick guide to give you some inspiration.

Simply browsing an online classifieds site like Kijiji can also get you feeling inspired. Outdoor toys can be expensive when bought new, but used toys often have plenty of life left in them, but are being sold because kids grew out of them or they went unused. Set your preferred location details and search for keywords to find toys for sale in your area. If you’re looking for ideas on what to shop for, here are some favourites:

Outside Playsets

An outdoor playset can instantly transform your yard into a play paradise. Sets can include swings, slides, climbing ropes and walls, a fort-like space and more. Playsets can be very expensive new, but you can often buy an outdoor playset for kids secondhand at a great price. Sets are available for all ages, but because they can take time to install, try to find a versatile set that will stay fun for your little ones as they grow. Also, an outside playset can be a focal point in your yard, so consider its aesthetics, and whether it will look good in your space. Take your time browsing various options online, and even get your kids involved to see which they like best.

Outdoor Pool

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a cool pool on a hot day. Whether it’s simply an inflatable wading pool or an above-ground pool that’s ready for family and friends to take a dip, a pool instantly adds fun to the summer. An inflatable pool can be simple to set up, and easily portable if you want to take it along on a road trip. Frame pools, on the other hand, are more permanent but can be ideal to set up and leave in the back yard if you want to swim daily in the summer. Don’t forget to search for a pool cover and life jackets to help keep your pool safe.


The classic swing is a must-have for little ones. If you have a sturdy tree in your yard, a classic tire swing or simple flat plank swing is ideal. If you’re missing a sturdy spot to attach a swing, look for swings that come with a strong hanging frame. If you have multiple kids at different ages, look for frames allow you to have multiple swings attached, so you can have a baby swing as well as a regular swing.


A trampoline can be a great way to encourage kids to get plenty of exercise while having fun. Larger trampolines are ideal for multiple children. Various accessories such as basketball hoops and sprinkler attachments can also add to the fun.

With these ideas in mind, head over to Kijiji to transform your yard into a haven of fun in the sun, and have a great summer!

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