Snow day fun

With winter approaching, you never know when school-aged children are going to get a snow day. Here are some ways to keep kids of all ages occupied when classes get cancelled and the day is young and snowy!

Having Fun Indoors

Make some snow ice cream

Yes, you’ll have to run outdoors to gather snow, but once you do, your kids will have a ton of fun making their very own treat. Check out an easy recipe like this one – all it takes is eight cups of fresh snow added to a mixture of vanilla, sugar, salt, and milk. Add sprinkles, and you’ve made your household very happy.

Have an indoor picnic

Since you can’t exactly lug your snowsuit-clad crew outside to enjoy a freezing cold picnic, set up a nice spread in your living or family room. Include some of your kids’ favorite food items, but include a few new ones as well. The unusual location and fun theme may inspire them to try a new dish.

Bring the snow inside

Fill your bathtub up with buckets of snow, give your kids some sandbox supplies, and encourage them to build snow castles without leaving the house. This will likely blow their mind.

Host a family movie marathon

Pick a theme and hold a family movie marathon. Show your kids movies you loved as a kid, or check out a series on Netflix that they haven’t seen yet. Add snacks and delicious drinks, and you’ve got a day of total fun and relaxation.

Make crystal snowflakes

Real snowflakes are tiny and melt pretty quickly. Set up a science experiment of sorts and make crystal snowflakes right in your kitchen. All you need is Borax, a wide-mouthed jar, pipe cleaners, string, and a pencil or stick to dangle your creation in the crystal-making solution. It does require roughly 8 to 12 hours to “grow” the crystals, so this is the perfect project to start on a snowy afternoon and finish the next morning.

Build a fort

Indoor forts are definitely an old standby, but on snow days, anything goes, right? Tell your kids they can take control of the living or family room armed with every blanket, couch cushion, and chair they can get their hands on. Your house will be a little crazy, but at least your kids won’t be bored.

Having Fun Outdoors

Make maple syrup snow candy

This classic Canadian winter treat is super easy to recreate at home, and may even become a regular tradition. It involves heating pure maple syrup to boiling (a candy thermometer will tell you that you’ve gotten to the sweet spot – roughly 112 to 116 degrees Celsius). Once there, you’ll want to carefully pour the syrup onto fresh snow in cute little maple syrup lines. Press a craft stick into the syrup and roll it up as it cools.

Make bird feeders

Save up your old toilet paper or paper towel rolls, punch two holes in the top, apply peanut butter (or a nut-free butter alternative if your children have allergies), roll in birdseed, and thread pipe cleaners through the holes. Hang them up outside and watch as your neighbourhood birds go crazy.

Bundle up and build an igloo

Whether you’re into letting your kids pelt snowballs at one another or not, it can still be fun for each child to set up his or her own space outside. Don’t just watch from the windows, though – get in on the fun yourself.

Make a snowman or snow animal

Dogs, cows, cats, elephants, or mountain lions all make great snow sculptures. Think wide and low to the ground – although if your kid wants to try a giraffe, let him or her try.

Snow days don’t have to be boring. With a few ideas in the bank, you and your kids can have the best snow day ever.


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