The summer of Ethan

Ethan is a 7-year-old with a wild imagination and a ton of energy, and he has big dreams for this summer!

Ethan comes from a modern family and splits his time equally between living with his dad Mark and his mom Wendy. So making the most out of those weeks is important to both of them. We spent a rainy day with this dynamic father and son duo to see what they had planned now that Ethan is wrapping up Grade 1. We wanted to help them figure out how to stretch their budget and make all of Ethan’s summer dreams come true.

We take our first steps into Ethan’s dad’s house, and we notice one thing: sports equipment. From tiny running shoes to several soccer balls, we had a feeling Ethan was quite the athlete.

“I used to be on a soccer team. I even have two soccer balls. But this year I want to play baseball.”

Baseball Glove — Suggested Retail: $29.99 / Kijiji: $12.76

Being the supportive dad that he is, Mark never questioned Ethan’s move to baseball. But knowing that all the soccer equipment he had invested in last year was about to go to waste did not sit well with this budget-savvy dad. A quick search led us to a local shop listed on Kijiji where he could quickly turn last year’s soccer balls into this year’s baseball mitt.

But playing sports isn’t the only thing Ethan is in to; he also loves building. He was excited to show off quite a few of the worlds he had built in Minecraft, as well as some mazes he created for his dad to solve. Ethan’s creativity doesn’t end there. He often turns to his large collection of Lego to inspire real-world design, like the treehouse he and his dad plan on building this year.

“We’re going to build a treehouse this summer. We don’t have a tree big enough here, so it will have to be up at my parent’s cottage.”

“I want it to have a printer so I can print out all my comic books.”

Printer — Suggested Retail: $164 / Kijiji: $88

Luckily, we’re able to find a wireless printer for Ethan on Kijiji they can set up in this treehouse at a fraction of the price. We even found a set of new tools for Mark to help with the build. We start chatting with Ethan about the cottage and what he loves to do when he is up there. We find out he is quite the little fisherman!

“We caught a lot of fish last year and the year before that. The biggest fish I caught was about this big…”

Fishing rod — Suggested Retail: $120 / Kijiji: $50

It may be time for Ethan to get a new fishing rod as he has outgrown the one he has, and if he’s going to keep catching big game, he needs to be prepared! We look through all the local listings for fishing rods around the cottage area to see if there’s anything they can pick up on their next trip. We find a like-new kid’s fishing rod for less than half the retail price.

“The turnover is really high. We have so many books in the house and there are some that are now too easy for him.”

But on rainy summer days just like today, when Ethan can’t go outside and run around, he turns to books. And he already has quite a collection.

We ask Ethan what he’d like to do with all the books he has finished reading, and he says he wants to give them away. We show Mark and Ethan that listing things online is quite easy and off they go! Within about an hour, they have interest from quite a few people for these gently-loved kid’s books. And by the next day, we hear they’ve given boxes away to families in the neighbourhood, and made a few friends in the process.

It seems like Ethan’s summer is already shaping up to be a good one. With a few ideas in mind and a plan, creating your dream summer with your kids could be easy, and cost-effective, too!

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Learn How to Get Involved in the Second-Hand Economy!

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