These toys and activities will boost your kids’ creative side.

Encouraging your child to be creative can help to equip them with problem-solving skills, curiosity and lateral thinking.

All of these skills can help them as they grow, in school, work and everyday life. Toys can be an important tool in fostering your child’s creativity. Open-ended toys are toys which encourage your kids to add their own imaginary elements to create situations and stories. These types of toys can inspire your child to develop their sense of creativity naturally. If you’re wondering how to make your children more creative, here’s a few popular toys that can help you enable them to grow.

Toys That Encourage Your Child To Build and Create

Toys such as building blocks, magnetic tiles or other building toys inspire your little ones to play using their imaginations. Toys that allow for building without instruction booklets let kids embrace limitless possibilities.  By providing kids with open-ended tools for play, you allow them to think creatively as they build what they need. Dolls and dollhouses, or car sets with tracks can also give them the foundations to create imaginary worlds and scenarios.

Give Them Materials To Make Art

Sometimes the simplest toys can be the best creative toys for kids. Stock up on plenty of coloured pens and pencils, sketchbooks, safety scissors and other DIY craft supplies. Toy instruments let kids experiment with auditory creativity.  Chalkboards and chalk encourage free drawing and writing, it’s easy for kids to wipe away mistakes or start again if they want. Modeling clay and magnetic sand let kids take their ideas and create in 3D.  These kinds of toys invite and enable your child to allow their creative side to surface.

Inspire Their Future Dreams

Dress-up time allows your child to create their own little world to play in. Costume supplies let them pretend to be another person, while toys like kids tents and ride-on toys let them set the scene in their imaginary space. This not only fosters creative thinking in play but may inspire them to learn about various professions, cultures, animals and more.


Problem-solving and creative thinking are both skills that are honed when working on puzzles and other toys that challenge your child to find a solution. Invest in both traditional jigsaw puzzles as well as other games that require thinking and planning, such as chess and other board games that involve strategy.

Creativity is important in child development as it helps your little one learn to look for solutions that are hard to find, develop planning skills, build self-confidence and self-reliance and more. If you’re looking for more creative toys to add to your child’s toy chest, looking online on classified sites such as Kijiji can be a great way to find used toys that fit your budget. Because kids grow out of some toys quickly, you can find plenty of like-new toys at affordable prices. You can also resell gently used toys as your child grows.

With these tips, you should be ready to find the perfect toys to help develop creativity and imagination in your children. Ready, Set, Play!

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